Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

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Right next to the male enhancement products and the heartfelt letters from my Nigerian friends, are offers for magical weight loss supplements that claim to have the ability to evaporate my fat on contact!

There’s a lot of buzz, especially on the Internet, about all these outrageous fat loss products, especially teas that will help you lose weight: green tea with hoodia, green tea plus, wu yi green tea. You name the teas, and of course it’s going to magically help you lose weight.

[There are a ton of great pics on the web like this one that show the beauty of a green tea field. Supposedly, this is a shot from one such field near Mt. Fugi in Japan. Absolutely stunning! ]

Green Tea and Weight Loss?

Now the sexy part about green tea is that there actually is scientific evidence to show that green tea can help with weight loss.

A boatload of studies show a reduction in fat due to inhibiting the growth of fat cells and to inhibiting fat absorption from the gut.

Sure, you’ll find the outlier study who will counter with the argument of the doses required to get this effect are generally higher than those contained in the weight-loss products or by drinking green or white tea. But nevertheless, the results are significant enough to stand up and take notice.

Green tea also dramatically reverses insulin resistance, the cause of type-2 diabetes. It has been found that EGCG acts like insulin and that green tea extracts have a strong protective effective in diabetic animals from diabetic nephropathy.

Green tea actually does a lot of great things with boosting your health. However, no matter how hard some studies try, there isn’t enough evidence right now to say that it can prevent cancer, but it does look like it does have anti-cancer capabilities. Message to Red Bull, give up your wings… immediately!

Check out these other benefits of drinking tea:

Tea has been tapped for its medicinal properties for ages

Tea has proven strong in combating stroke, heart failure, cancer, and diabetes

Tea is a great digestive aid

Tea can help protect the retina from free radical damage that causes macular degeneration and glaucoma

Out with the boys for some Green Teas?

But, the thing you really need to realize is it’s not the magic bullet. Without diet and exercise, green, or any other color, tea is not going to help. Specifically, what the research really shows is that you get the best effect with green tea when it’s combined with caffeine.

In a recent Australian study of both recreational and advanced runners, those who took about 95 milligrams of caffeine (about the equivalent of an eight-ounce cup of green tea) improved their 5K times by an average of 10 to 12 seconds.

Back in May 2008, Spanish researchers reported that hot, dehydrated cyclists who downed caffeine with their water and carbs could pedal harder for a longer time in steamy weather—the first study to specifically simulate summertime temperatures. The scientists think caffeine stimulates muscles, thereby helping to offset heat-related fatigue.

Tea drinking alone will not help you lose fat

So, we really should be drinking green tea, because it’s good for us, and it’s going to help with our health. It will help with your weight loss, but don’t start pounding cups of green tea and taking all these green tea supplements thinking that your going to lose 10 pounds in 2 days?

It will help you, but it’s not enough on it’s own. You really have to stick with the total fat loss package: diet plus exercise!

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    Green tea weight loss has been the talk of the town recently. Here are the reasons why green tea is touted as the natural way to lose weight.

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    I started taking alli 3 days ago and today was the first time I noticed anything different happening with my body. First, I had to go to the bathroom really bad after my breakfast+alli and there were floating drops of fat. Then, I cannot stop passing really nasty smelling gas, and I’m continuously afraid to pass gas for fear I will pass something more. However, seeing the fat come out kind of makes me happy. Fat is good for you, but I don’t mind sending a bit of it down the shute. This experiment is pretty cool so far. And it does make me watch what I eat a little more.

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