8 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Healthy Weight Loss Program

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Whether your decision to lose weight is purely aesthetic or related to health concerns, choosing the right healthy weight loss program can determine whether you fail or succeed. Finding the healthy weight loss program that suits you can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what questions to ask.

Before starting any weight loss program you should talk to your doctor about how much weight you need to lose, dietary restrictions and health concerns. Once you have had an in depth discussion with your physician you can start looking for a healthy weight loss program.

[Are you going to have to buy pricey food you've never heard of?]

Keep reading to find out what questions all healthy weight loss programs must answer before you sign up!

What Does This Weight Loss Program Require?

Before you sign up for any healthy weight loss program you should know what you’re getting yourself into. This means you should know what the program requires for success. Do you need to keep a food journal or take supplements or attend meetings?

Finding out this information before you join will make it easier for you to find a healthy weight loss program that fits easily into your current lifestyle. Be realistic about what you can and can not do to lose weight and this will allow you to find a weight loss program that can help you reach your goals.         

Do I have To Buy Food?

The decision to start a healthy weight loss program that requires you to purchased special food is one that should never be undertaken lightly. Do you honestly have no time to cook or are you just not that handy in the kitchen?

Find out up front if food purchases are required so you can factor that into any costs and figure out if you can afford a healthy weight loss program that includes food purchases until you reach your goal weight.

What Is The Recommended Exercise Program?

You should never begin a healthy weight loss program without knowing what type of physical activity is expected of you as this will have a great impact on whether or not you experience successful weight loss. Find out immediately if this is an intense workout program like Insanity or P90X, because these programs may not fit where you are right now in terms of physical fitness.

Also by asking what the exercise program is, you will know immediately if it is a healthy weight loss program that even endorses exercise for weight loss. As you’ll find there are plenty of weight loss programs on the market that simply ignore the importance of burning calories in the weight loss equation.

[If exercise isn't required you should find another weight loss program.]

What Are The Risks?

Whether your healthy weight loss program requires supplements or intense exercise, you should find out if there are any risks associated the program or if any side effects have been reported by other dieters. Your health is the most important factor in any weight loss program so make sure you choose one that isn’t going to put your health at risk.

You should make sure that you don’t have any physical or medical conditions that may put you at risk if you participate in certain healthy weight loss programs. Make sure any supplements won’t interact dangerously with any current medications, and make sure the exercise programs are safe for your current weight.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before starting any healthy weight loss program because for most of us, cost is what determines whether or not we join a particular program. Find out any costs in addition to the cost of participating in the program.

You may have to purchase a book which describes the weight loss program, but make sure that you all costs associated with any extras like recipes, workout plans, journals and the like. You want to make sure you know exactly how much this healthy weight loss program will cost you until you’ve reached your goal weight and are capable of maintaining your weight loss on your own.

What Are The Qualifications Of The Creator?

If the healthy weight loss program you’re considering has a book or creator, do as much research as you can to find out the qualifications of this person. Ask the following questions:

  • What type of formal training does this person have in fitness or weight loss & nutrition?
  • Do they have any certificates to indicate special training?
  • Is this person qualified to advise on exercise programs?
  • What is the scientific basis for their weight loss program?

These questions will let you know if this is a professional who has created a healthy weight loss program for success or someone who stumbled into a successful way to lose weight. Although you may choose a program headed by either type, it helps to know prior to starting a healthy weight loss program which person you are following.

We all ask tons of questions when it comes to cars, cell phones, shoes, but how many questions do you ask before starting a weight loss program? Don’t be this guy when it comes to your fitness!

Is There Any Support?

If you’re like most people you have participated in at least one weight loss program in the past, and probably without very much success. That is why you should find out before you give your credit card information out, if there is any type of support involved in the healthy weight loss program you choose. Whether it is a traditional meeting like Weight Watchers or virtual online support groups, having a support system is crucial to successful weight loss.

You want to make sure that you have some place where you can communicate with others in your situation about how to deal with setbacks, ways to update your exercise program or diet for continued weight loss success.

Knowing you aren’t alone in your weight loss battle can be the difference between the same old you and a new & improved healthier YOU!

What Are The Results Of Others?

Does the healthy weight loss plan you’re considering have testimonials from real people or just blurbs on the book and website? You should find out before you join what are the expected results of participants, just so you have an idea. Most reputable weight loss programs should be able to tell you what type of weight loss you should expect if you follow their guidelines.

Remember though, that most results are not typical and only those who have done exceptionally well are used for promotions. However that does not mean that you can’t or won’t lose weight; it just means that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

When you finally choose a healthy weight loss program, remember that weight loss can only occur if you’re willing to try it their way. If it doesn’t work, you can always try something else.