Relacore Extra Diet Pill Review

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The major area of focus for Relacore Extra is that stress is a main factor in one's inability to lose fat from the stomach area. The makers claim that stress is why the midsection isn't shrinking despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. The major selling point made by Relacore Extra is that the pill is not a "diet pill" per se, but the pill controls stress and anxiety related to dieting.

The problem with this claim is that it takes the responsibility for weight gain OUT of the hands of the dieter, and if it's not your fault that you've gained weight then maybe you're just one of those people meant to be fat...right? Wrong, and that is just one of the problems with Relacore Extra's claims.

Yes cortisol (the main stress hormone in the body) can contribute to weight gain when the body is stressed, but it would take Presidential level stress for cortisol to make you overweight on its own. The truth is that stress is just one factor related to weight gain. If you are creating the proper calorie deficit for weight loss AND getting regular aerobic and resistance exercise then you will lose weight--stressed or not. 

How Do I Follow It?

One of the things that many dieters find most appealing about a regimen like Relacore Extra is that it is so simple. If you can remember—or set a timer to help you remember—to take 2 pills three times per day then you can use this supplement with ease.

You take this pill basically to coincide with your meals, although you may take it with or without food. Two pills in the morning, 2 at noon and two in the evening and that is the program in a nutshell.

The Relacore Extra program includes access to, which provides customized meal plans for weight loss. Although the supplement doesn’t explicitly advocate regular exercise, the my free diet offer does include personalize exercise programs as well as advice from nutrition and fitness professionals. 


  • This is an easy weight loss regimen, just 6 pills a day.
  • 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.
  • Well balanced diet & regular exercise are advised.
  • Stimulant-free supplements (they say)


  • Not approved by the FDA
  • What Relacore Extra doesn't address is HOW stress leads to weight gain. When people are stressed they turn to what comforts them--usually sugary or fatty foods or alcohol--which is a recipe for weight gain. Stress alone is not responsible for weight gain, your response to stress is more likely the culprit.
  • Perpetuates the notion that some people are “meant to be fat”.
  • Does not address calorie intake and how it relates to weight gain or loss. 

Does "Relacore Extra Diet Pill" Work?

Relacore Extra is not recommended by The Fat Loss Authority as an effective means of weight loss. Without an accurate list of ingredients, none of the claims made by the company can be verified. It could be free of stimulants and made with all natural ingredients, but where's the proof? And if it is 'all natural' why isn't it safe for pregnant women?

These inconsistent claims make me uncomfortable endorsing this product to anyone. In addition, without a complete list of ingredients in Relacore Extra it is virtually impossible to determine how your body will react.

Furthermore countless studies indicate that cortisol release DECREASES with weight loss, suggesting that the so-called stress causing belly fat occurs because the excess fat is stressing the body...not the other way around. The best method of weight loss and stress reduction is a healthy diet (say it with me, "calorie deficit!") and regular aerobic and strength training exercises.

Besides, working out is a great way to reduce stress

Where To Buy "Relacore Extra Diet Pill"?

If you think this supplement can help you reduce your weight, then there are many places which you can purchase it. See if you can lose weight with Relacore Extra by clicking HERE to order a bottle today. 

You may also want to try Relacore PM which is intended to "take the edge off" right before bed so you have a peaceful sleep and wake up well rested...and not stressed!