Lose Weight Fast With…The Feeding Tube Diet?

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Losing weight, particularly for a special occasion, is just one reason that many people resort to fad or crash diets. In general it doesn’t matter how dangerous the diet might be as long as it promises to get rid of excess weight fast. Which is why the weight loss supplement and diet industry continues to make a lot of money despite economic conditions.

Whether we need to drop a few pounds for a class reunion, beach vacation or even a wedding, fad diets offer the allure of quick and easy weight loss. Unfortunately some of these diets do more than separate us from our money, some of them can be downright dangerous to our health and well being.

[Inserting a feeding tube to lose weight, would you do it?]

The newest diet craze in this category is The Feeding Tube Diet. This isn’t a joke-I thought it was too—but women across America have started paying big bucks to lose weight like this for their Big Day. Women in the UK have been using feeding tubes to get weight off for special events for years, but this diet has recently hit the shores of the US. Keeping reading to learn more about this insane diet plan.

What Is It?

The Feeding Tube Diet is just as it sounds, a feeding tube like they give coma patients and severe anorexics who are unable to eat on their own, is inserted up the nose and into the esophagus. It goes straight into the stomach through which a solution is delivered. Those on a feeding tube diet are delivered their calories through the feeding tube for a set period of time.

How It Works

The solution that is fed through the feeding tube does not have any carbohydrates; it contains only fat and protein. The most alarming part of all is that in addition to the extreme method of using a feeding tube to lose weight, is that this is a very low calorie diet. The solution provides dieters with just 800 calories each day.

You’re probably wondering how on earth you can get anything done while on a feeding tube diet and the answer is simple: brides to be get a stylish tote to wear that delivers the solution. Worn on the arm, it looks like a purse so you don’t have to tell the world exactly how you were able to fit into that dress.

The good news is that the Feeding Tube Diet is not a long-term weight loss plan but rather a crash diet. It lasts just 10 days so that doctors can monitor the patients for side effects.

Find out exactly what you’re in for with The Feeding Tube Diet by watching this video!

Feeding Tube Side Effects?

Just about every very low calorie diet on the market comes with negative side effects, due mostly to the fact that you are consuming just 800 calories per day. That isn’t enough calories to keep your body functioning properly, never mind to perform other functions.

The reason you must be under the care of a physician on The Feeding Tube Diet is because you may experience side effects that include dizziness, constipation, bad breath, dehydration or migraines. It is important that dieters record all of these side effects and report them to the doctor, as they may lead to more severe side effects.

One other side effect of The Feeding Tube Diet is extreme weight loss, which does seem counterintuitive, but some patients around the world where this diet has been popular for years have experienced extreme weight loss. According to an article published in The New York Times, one woman lost 10 pounds in 8 days and had to have the tube removed earlier than scheduled.


If you’re wondering, like I was, why on earth would a qualified physician encourage women to put in a feeding tube for weight loss, the answer is simple: money. Ten days on The Feeding Tube Diet costs $1,500! That’s right, $1,500 for 10 days which includes the insertion of the tube, the solution and tote bag and regular visits to the doctor.

For most women this cost is too high, but when you factor in the pressure of fitting into just the right wedding dress you can see why women around the nation are forking over a pretty penny for this unorthodox method of weight loss.

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Is It Effective?

The major problem with crash diets like The Feeding Tube Diet is that they are very successful for weight loss. Any diet in which you reduce your caloric intake to just 800 calories per day, after regularly consuming 1,500 to 2,000 calories each day, will produce weight loss. In fact, many people on very low calorie diets lose plenty of weight in time for their big event.

Unfortunately most dieters on very low calorie diets end up gaining the weight back and then some shortly after going back on a regular calorie intake. The reason is that any quick weight loss diet works is that you lose water weight, which is a cinch to take off.

The bigger problem for crash diets like this is that they teach you nothing about how to lose weight and keep it off for the long haul. You don’t learn how to eat properly or add more physical activity to your life, so you’re constantly on the roller coaster of losing weight, putting on weight and then working like hell to lose it again.

If you’re thinking of trying The Feeding Tube Diet to lose weight fast, you should consult your physician and talk about all the possible side effects. This is a very low calorie diet, which isn’t recommended unless you’re under the care of a doctor. Even still you shouldn’t look to The Feeding Tube Diet as a way to help you maintain weight loss.

There is no magic pill, powder or feeding tube that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Some diets however, like this one, can also cost you a lot of money and still not help you lose weight and maintain it.