Workout Routines for Men

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All of us do our best to set goals and stick to them; whether at the office or in the gym. When your goal is burning fat, building muscle or increasing endurance it’s important to have clearly defined goals to help you achieve them.

{Sure it does burn loads of calories, but running isn’t the only way to get the body you want!}

When the topic is workout routines for men, what’s really important is to know your goal and know what exercises will help you achieve them. Keep reading for workout routines for men to incorporate into your exercise regimen.

Fat Burning

Let’s start with fat burning workout routines for men since that’s where so many of us often begin our weight loss journey. Unless you looove cardio, chances are that you want a workout routine that will help you build muscle while burning fat. Enter fat burning workout routines for men that help you build (lean) muscle mass while making sure you burn calories for the rest of the day!

Bench Press: The bench press is an ideal fat burning exercise for men because it allows us to work different upper body muscle groups at once. Be sure to use your maximum weight for maximum fat burning!

Squats: When it comes to fat burning workout routines for men, any good routine should mention squats. Much like the bench press to the upper body muscles, squats burn lots of calories while also building up muscle in the lower body muscle groups. Working so many muscles at once practically ensures that you’ll burn loads of calories with every set.

Walking Lunge: The walking lunge is another lower body/core exercise that helps not only build up, but also slim down. Keep your midsection tightened and focus on maintaining the integrity of the moves for a well-rounded fat burning workout routine for a man!

{Keep your back straight and core tight during walking lunges.}

Row: Use just about any variation of the row to work your back and burn fat at the same time. Adding the row to your fat burning workout routine for men will give you a complete fat burning workout.

Muscle Building Workout

Although fat burning should be your primary concern because those exercises build muscle as well, these exercises focus more on building muscle with fat burning as a side benefit. But this muscle building workout routine for men will have you staring in the mirror more than ever!

Chin-Up: This exercise should be added to your muscle building workout routine because it targets several upper body muscles. When you start from a dead hang—as you should—you increase your muscle building. Do at least 3 sets, with as many repetitions as you can up to 10.

Standing Calf Raise: The calf-raise has a double benefit of building leg and core muscles, while giving you greater balance and control. Be sure to hang on to something to prevent injury. Maximize this muscle building exercise for men by adding a dumbbell to the hand on the same side as they leg you’re working.

Push Up: Much like the chin up, the push up uses your body weight to strengthen and build muscles, while also burning fat simultaneously. This is an easy exercise that you can incorporate to any of your workout routines for men, and you can do them at home, work or the gym!

Deadlift: When your goal is to build muscle no exercise is more effective than the deadlift. Virtually all muscle groups are used to lift the weight or keep your body stable as you lift, meaning the deadlift builds overall muscle strength.  The most common deadlift is the Romanian deadlift, used by Olympian weight lifters, but this exercise must be performed properly to avoid injury.

Get the most of our these workout routines for men by following these tips:

  • Avoid muscle (and mind) boredom by combining different exercises—targeting both upper and lower body muscles—for different workout routines for men.
  • Perform variations of these exercises, like an elevated push up or bent over row.
  • Rest no more than 60 seconds between sets.
  • Perform workout routines at least 3 times each week.

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