Easy Workout Routines for Women

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Let’s face it, other than to lose weight, men and women have very different weight loss goals. In the man’s world his goal is go lose the fat and get big muscles. The woman’s weight loss goals include getting small and maybe toning a few key areas.

[Focus more on workout routines for women instead of how to do HIS workout and not get big bulging muscles!]

Well creating regular workout routines for women is an important factor in weight loss. An effective workout routine should include aerobic exercises and strength training for women, so keep reading to find out which workout routine is best for you!

Creating Workout Routines for Women

An effective workout routine needs to have both aerobic and strength training exercises included. Successful weight loss relies on burning fat, while looking good requires muscle toning. Since both are essential, the first step in creating workout routines for women is to come up with a list of exercises for both types of training that you can, or are willing to do.

Your list will allow you to pick and choose which exercises to perform and when so you never grow tired of boring workout routines. Keep in mind exercises that require equipment as opposed to those you can do at home, or in the park with a workout buddy.


Cardio workout routines for women should focus on exercises that are intense and will help burn away fat. Regular cardio exercise is essential for any woman whose workout goal is fat loss. The good news is that whether you prefer the gym or the great outdoors, there are tons of cardio options for your workout routines.

If you’re a gal who loves to compete there are plenty of sports out there that’ll burn fat while you wipe the floor with your opponent. Cycling, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and even running are good exercises that will get your heart pumping and your metabolism working hard!

[Easy workout routines for women means forgetting about being prim & proper and get dirty! If you aren't sweating, you aren't working hard!]

Strength Training

The point of strength training workout routines for women is to build overall strength and tone muscles so you don’t have that unsightly flab each time you move. Strength training generally requires free weights, dumbbells, or resistance bands to create the resistance needed to strengthen your muscles.

Ladies, please don’t worry that strength training will make you look like a female bodybuilder; you’d have to consume thousands of additional calories for that to happen. Strength training for women requires smaller weights that don’t help with muscle growth, only with muscle strength. Wouldn’t you like to open up that jar on your own? Well strength training can help you do that, without making you look like a girl who can open a jar on her own!

Workout Routines for Women

Now that you have an idea of the types of exercises that should be included in workout routines for women, its time to take a look at a few examples. Your workout routine should look similar to these on a regular basis for successful and long-term weight loss.

Day One:  Cardio & Core

5 minutes of stretching
Bicycle Crunches – 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions (variations click HERE)
Captain’s Chair—2 sets of 12-15
Elliptical Machine-45 minutes (doubles as abs & cardio!)
10 minute Cool Down/Stretch

[Workout routines for women will give YOU the best body you can have...not someone else's body.]

Day Two: Cardio & Upper Body

5 minutes of stretching
Bicep Curls-3 sets
Dumbbell Raises-3 sets
Cable Pull Downs—3 sets
Running or Bicycling—30-45 minutes
10 minute Cool Down/Stretch

Day Three: Cardio & Lower Body

5 minutes of stretching
Forward Lunges—3 sets
Squats-3 sets
Calf-Raises-3 sets
Tennis/Hiking/Swimming-1 hour
10 minute Cool Down/Stretch

Remember that these workout routines for women only work if you allow your body to rest between workouts, and perform each exercise correctly. When you’re feeling bored with your current workout routine, change them up and try something new.

Even if you aren’t bored with your workout routine you should switch it up so your muscles don’t get bored. Adding new exercises to your workout routines for women will force your body to work harder to complete each set and harder working muscles means a more effective workout.

The more you know about weight loss the better prepared you’ll be to make it happen. Find out how effective just 45 minutes of exercise is by reading our review of the Turbulence Training fat loss program.