8 Lose Weight Now Tips You Can Apply Daily

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When it comes to losing weight, for most of us it is a long term process that we think of terms of weeks and months rather than days. However this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do each day to help you reach your goals and enjoy your life.

[Breakfast is a non-negotiable part of weight loss so...DO IT!]

Whether your weakness is healthy eating, regular exercise or consistency, we have put together a list of lose weight tips that will help you over daily hurdles. Keep reading to learn more about these weight loss tips.

Make Time For Breakfast

If you’ve noticed that your weight loss efforts have stagnated even though you’ve cut calories and added more exercise to your week, then chances are good that you’ve decided breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.

The reason this is the first of the lose weight now tips is because so many people simply ignore breakfast because they don’t have time or simply “aren’t hungry” in the morning. Make time for breakfast and you’ll notice that you cut down a lot of mid-morning snacking on foods high in sugar, fat and calories.

Give your weight loss efforts a boost by getting up 20 minutes early and eating breakfast.

Take A Day Off

In our zeal to get those extra pounds off, we often go overboard; exercising every single day, eating very few calories or just salad for every meal or salivating over desserts we’ll never allow ourselves to enjoy. While these things are a testament to your commitment to lose weight, they are also surefire ways to make sure you fall off the wagon.

One of the lose weight tips you must follow on occasion is to take a day off. This doesn’t mean take a day every single week to indulge in greasy fast food or binge drinking, it does mean that you should allow yourself to have a day off from your workout routine or strict diet. These days off will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing, and allow you test your resolve when it comes to high calorie foods and drinks.

Enjoy A Hearty Lunch

Finding healthy food for lunch can sometimes be a difficult task, especially for most of us who are also racing against the clock. Instead of finding something light to eat for lunch, consider this lose weight tips; eat a hearty lunch.

Grab pasta or fish and enjoy a hearty lunch and have a light dinner. This is one of the most helpful lose weight tips for those of you who don’t have time to make dinner at night. Instead of getting dinner from a drive-thru, whip up a quick yet low calorie salad or soup for dinner because you had a satisfying lunch.

[There's no rule that dinner has to be your big, fun meal...]

This will take the pressure off finding something simple and healthy for lunch, and give you a more relaxing evening free from spending time in the kitchen!

Try New Things

If you’re tired of the same old exercise routine or the same old salad of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, try something new. The best way to make sure you stick to your weight loss plan without getting bored and reaching for something that won’t help you lose weight is to try new things.

Sign up for a new exercise class or play a sport you’ve never tried like jai alai. Commit yourself to finding one new healthy dish each week that you can add to your meal rotation. By trying something new, your new healthy way of life stays exciting which means you stick to it.

Eat Salad For Dinner

This probably seems like the most boring of all the lose weight tips, but eating salad for dinner can actually take the pressure off those of you who despise being in the kitchen. Making salads is a simple task that takes no longer than a few minutes, and this frees up your calorie count so you can enjoy something more satisfying at lunchtime.

More importantly a salad for dinner can help ensure that you get plenty of vegetables (and fiber) into your diet each day. Rather than reaching for a pre-made salad at the grocery store for lunch, you can learn to like salad by making it at home just the way you like.

And by making your own salad, you can reinvent what it means to you. If you prefer something other than lettuce, experiment with different vegetables until you come up with a salad you’re actually excited to eat!

Invest In Resistance Bands

If you prefer to workout at home, either because you don’t have time for the gym or simply aren’t ready to sweat in front of strangers, you need to invest in resistance bands. Rather than pretending that everyone loves going to the gym, this is one of those lose weight tips that addresses reality.

[Get your workout when you can so you can still lose weight!]

Resistance bands can help give you a full body workout without the cost of purchasing a home gym. Get different colors for different levels of resistance, so you can get a light or intense workout as you deem it necessary. A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that for certain populations, resistance bands can be as effective as weight machines for strength training.

Congratulate Yourself

One of the most important lose weight tips that you can ever get is to congratulate yourself when you’ve accomplished something big or small. If you step on the scale and you’ve lost weight, congratulate yourself whether it’s a few ounces or a few pounds. If you’re out to dinner and you opt to skip dessert, give yourself a “way to go”!

There is nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader when it comes to losing weight, after all who is more aware of your successes and failures than you? By congratulating yourself when you’re successful, you are more likely to keep up this good behavior that is helping you reach your goal weight.

Learn To Make Low Calorie Favorites

One reason that many dieters often go back to their old, unhealthy habits with abandon is because they see no alternative to eating or drinking the things they love. This is one of those lose weight tips for which you will be forever grateful: learn to make low calorie versions of your favorite foods or drinks.

If you love unwinding after a long day at the office with a cocktail, all you have to do is learn how to make it without quite so many calories. The other option is to learn how to make other low calorie cocktails, and test them out until you have a new favorite.

The same is true of foods too; learn to make a low calorie version of your favorite nachos or fries so that you don’t gorge yourself on a 1,000-calorie meal. The best way to avoid a nasty night of calorie overload is to find sneaky ways to enjoy what you love without sacrificing your weight loss efforts.

Before you begin your low calorie transformations, read our Eat Stop Eat review to see how intermittent fasting can help you determine what foods you actually love, and what foods you just think you love!