6 Tips On How To Lose Weight When You Dine Out

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Losing weight does not happen in a bubble. You can’t simply go home every night and cook your dinner, workout, shower and go to bed without a snack. Well you can but chances are good that after about a week or 2 you’ll long for a cocktail or a night out with your friends where you will inevitably overindulge.

The trick to successful weight loss is to incorporate healthy habits into the not-so-healthy aspects of your life. Learn to use your tips to lose weight in all parts of your life from the bar to the restaurant to the dinner party you’re attending next week.

[Split your dessert and enjoy a night out to dinner!]

Keep reading to learn how to lose weight and live your life!

Skip The Appetizer

If you want tips on how to lose weight then you must begin with the appetizer. First, appetizers are additional calories that you probably didn’t calculate into your day which can make it difficult to reduce your calorie count for weight loss. Also many appetizers are greasy and deep-fried or covered with cheese, which is another diet no-no.

Of course it is alright for you to indulge on occasion in small amounts, but when a huge plate of fried goodness is placed in front of you the meaning of ‘moderation’ will be lost. If you do choose to order an appetizer, order a small one and split it with your dining companions. Follow these tips on how to lose weight when you dine out and you can enjoy yourself without setting back your weight loss efforts.

Split Dessert

To have or not to have dessert always seems to be the question. For many of us with an especially sweet tooth, not ordering dessert is really not an option. This conundrum is compounded by the fact that dessert sizes in many restaurants, particularly in North America, have reached monstrous proportions. According to a 2004 study an increased portion size results in an increase in energy intake, which means that if given a larger dessert you will most certainly eat more of it.

Split your dessert with a friend to reduce the number of calories you consume when you dine out. This is probably one of the least favored tips on how to lose weight when you dine out because dessert is so difficult to resist. If your dining companions opt out of dessert, order something less caloric like a fruit & cheese platter or an after dinner drink.

Order Simple Cocktails

Having drinks seems to go hand in hand with dining out because we love having a good time with good food, good drinks and good friends. If you want to know more tips on how to lose weight when you dine out then you must remember this one: order simple cocktails. Sure it’s fun to order brightly colored cocktails with fun names, but the name is the only thing fun about a Hurricane or Big Bahama Mama!

Simple cocktails like a glass of wine, vodka or gin & tonic, or even whiskey on the rocks are much better choices to help you to lose weight when you dine out. Simple cocktails have fewer calories for you to burn off and a lot less sugar and fat than mixed drinks.

If you do have a mixed drink, limit yourself to one. You may not find it fun, but these drinks generally come in bigger glasses so you get a lot of the sweet stuff. A good tip on how to lose weight when ordering cocktail is this; the smaller the glass, the fewer mix-ins.

Order A Balanced Meal

One of the biggest problems dieters have with trying to lose weight when they dine out is ordering a meal in line with their current healthy eating plan. Rather than seeing your restaurant meal as a break from eating healthy, choose a well balanced meal that still provides you with basic nutrients.

If you’re already having dessert and a cocktail (or 2) there’s no reason to indulge during your entrée course. Order a lean protein, a side of vegetables and a whole grain. Many restaurants have very few if any whole grain options, so indulge in fries, rice or mashed potatoes if you like. But a well balanced meal such is as this is one of the best tips on how to lose weight you’ll ever receive.

A well balanced entrée gives you essential nutrients, while your cocktail and dessert choices can serve as your indulgence for the evening. Don’t turn a night out into a 1,500 calorie mistake; simply enjoy yourself while adhering to your own weight loss plan.

Say Yes To Soup or Salad

Instead of choosing an appetizer, accept the offer of soup or salad that generally accompanies a meal. This is one of the most helpful tips on how to lose weight when you dine out because either soup or salad will give you plenty of high fiber vegetables to aid digestion and give your body a calorie burning boost. Plus it’ll fill up your stomach so you don’t eat so much during the main course.

{Always order a soup or salad to get your veggies and fill your belly before the meal.}

By ordering a soup or salad you can fill your belly before your meal so that you don’t overeat when the entrée comes. This can also serve as a healthy alternative to ordering an appetizer, so you have something to eat while your entrée is cooking but without all the additional calories.

Always Have A Glass Of Water

One of the biggest mistakes we make when dining out is to forget how important water is to our diets. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to lose weight or not, water is an essential part of a healthy human diet. Whether you order a cocktail, a pop or juice you should always make sure to have a glass of water on hand when you dine out.

Drinking water will help you fill your belly before a meal but it will also help you make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day. This is especially necessary if you indulge in high sodium foods while you dine out, you’ll need to keep water handy to avoid dehydration, which can lead to overeating.

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