Bent Leg Raise

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Sometimes getting a good workout is just like being a kid again. You may not have access to Monkey Bars but with the bent leg raise you can feel like you’re hanging from them on the playground! Pump up your abs and test your arm strength while working up a sweat each day.

How to do (Video)...

Step By Step

Step 1: Hang from a chin-up bar with your hands in an overhand grip and about shoulder-width apart. Bend both your hips and knees to 90-degree angles. This is your starting position. Curl your knees up towards your chest in a controlled movement. Step 2: Gradually lower your legs back down to the starting position. Make sure not to swing during the movement. Continue to lift and lower your legs until you go to muscle failure. For a harder workout, try the hanging pike with your legs straight or add ankle weights. Don’t lift as high for a less difficult workout.


Mainly targets your lower rectus abdominis muscle located in your abdomen. Strong abdominals help to prevent low back pain.

Superset with

Air Bike, to train your upper rectus abdominis and oblique muscles which are located in your abdominals.