The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

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Personal trainer and nutrition specialist Mike Geary worked for 3 years to test and tweak The Truth About Six Pack Abs before it became the top rated abs program on the internet. With a keen focus on diet and exercise for fat loss, this program is designed to help you burn the fat that’s hiding your six pack abs underneath. 

How Do I Follow It?

Following The Truth About Six Pack Abs program is quite simple because Geary outlines exercises with plenty of color photos that you can easily follow, along with detailed descriptions to make sure you perform them without injury. These exercises target your midsection, after a thorough abdominal anatomy lesson, so that you know which exercises target what part of your abs.

The focus of The Truth About Six Pack Abs is fat loss so you can get see the six pack underneath and muscle building so you’ll have that six pack once the fat has been burned off.

You get meal plans and recipes so that you know exactly how to eat to achieve six pack abs. In addition to the meal plans though, the e-book gives you several chapters on nutrition so you get a full grasp of what is required when you eat for weight loss. 


One of the most appealing aspects of The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the time that creator Mike Geary spends debunking myths about how to get six pack abs. By helping you sift through the myths, you will slowly begin to understand the right way to achieve six pack abs.

Unlike most abs programs, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is designed for men and women—which explains its worldwide popularity—so you can both follow this workout plan and get the tailor made results you want.

There is so much nutrition information available that chances are good you will experience overall weight loss and learn a lot about eating for weight loss or maintenance. 


Planning and preparing 3 meals and 3 snacks may be difficult for many dieters who are looking for less or those who are busy.

Because this program is specific to abs, those in need of significant fat loss will have to look to another weight loss program for more full body weight loss. 

Does "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" Work?

Absolutely yes The Truth About Six Pack Abs works! If you take the time read what Geary is saying and follow his advice, chances are good you will experience fat loss and have a great midsection to show off when you’re done.

What you learn about diet & nutrition and exercise is enough to get you started on the path to weight loss and well being.

However you must be committed to achieving six pack abs and good health in order to enjoy the benefits of The Truth About Six Pack Abs. 

Where To Buy "The Truth About Six Pack Abs"?

You can purchase The Truth About Six Pack Abs program at Mike Geary’s website, where you can also get plenty of free information about nutrition, weight loss and muscle building. The e-book sells for $39.95, which is a steal when you consider all of the valuable information you get instant access to. When you purchase the e-book you will also get access to bonuses that include a free DVD, access to the membership site and 4 free motivational audio books.

For those of you not sure about The Truth About Six Pack Abs, you can try a 21-day trial for just $4.95.