The High School Reunion Diet Review

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“Lose 20 years from your appearance in 30 days,” claims David Colbert, creator of the High School Reunion Diet. Colbert believes that sugar ages your skin and body, and should be eliminated from your diet along with unhealthy processed foods. He does not spout it as a diet but more as a “roadmap” towards healthy eating.  According to Colbert, eating whole, unprocessed food can reverse the effects of aging while losing weight.

How Do I Follow It?

This 30-day diet plan has 2 phases.

The first phase is considered the “detox” phase and lasts for 2 weeks. You can expect to lose 5 to 10 pounds in these 2 weeks. During phase 1, you will eliminate all sugary foods and drinks such as sweets, sodas (regular and diet), sports drinks, juices, and anything that contains high fructose corn syrup.

Eat plenty of colorful veggies especially green ones like spinach, asparagus, and peppers. Fruits such as berries and the occasional apple, orange or grapefruit are allowed during this stage. Nuts, healthy unsaturated fats, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eggs, and lean meats i.e. beef, turkey and chicken are also consumed.

Tea and coffee are allowed but no alcohol. Bread, potatoes and corn products are forbidden throughout the 30-day program along with instant and fast foods, and items containing trans-fat.

Phase 2 of the program is 2 weeks or more in duration. Here you will add more fruit into your daily meals along with whole grains. You are also allowed to have wine in moderation with you dinnertime meal.

Stay hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Feel free to use herbs and spices to flavor your foods. Some minimally processed foods are allowed like canned tuna packed in water, canned beans and steel cut oats. Lastly, Colbert suggests you supplement your diet with a daily multi-vitamin, fish oil capsules, and vitamin C and E.


Limiting sugar intake can help to control blood sugar levels thus avoiding the highs and lows. The book offers meal plans and recipes to follow and you do not have to count calories or carbohydrates on this diet.


The is no real scientific backing that suggests sugar ages us or eating wholesome unprocessed foods reverses the effects of aging. Not all processed foods are bad for you to consume. The program is only 30 days long which is not longer enough for those who have a considerable amount of weight to lose.

Colbert does prefer people to eat organic foods which can be costly. Lastly, there is no exercise plan offered.

Does "The High School Reunion Diet" Work?

Good for anyone who wants to eat cleaner and also good for diabetics who need to watch their sugar intake.

Where To Buy "The High School Reunion Diet"?

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