Eat Stop Eat Review

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The idea behind Eat Stop Eat, created by Brad Pilon is that through intermittent fasting you can break your addiction to food so that you can better control your own eating habits. By ‘taking a break’ from food as it were, you can learn the difference between actual hunger and your mental cravings for specific foods that are usually not part of a healthy weight loss diet. 

Unlike traditional fasts, intermittent fasting does not require extremely long breaks from eating or very low calorie intakes to complete. 

How Do I Follow It?

Following the Eat Stop Eat program is quite simple because it doesn’t require you to become even more focused on food than you already are in your quest for weight loss.

All that is required under the Eat Stop Eat program is a 24-hour fast that begins at 6 p.m. one day and ends at 6 p.m. the next day. This allows you to eat every day while also giving you a 24 hour break from focusing on calories and worrying about food. Rather than constantly being in what Pilon calls a “fed state,” intermittent fasting allows you to reset your “metabolic balance” so that you go between fed and fasted states.

During the Eat Stop Eat fast you can drink a wide range of calorie free drinks so that you stay hydrated and energized. Some of the drinks allowed on Eat Stop Eat include;

  • Water
  • Sparkling water
  • Tea (green & black)
  • Coffee (black)
  • Diet soda

Pilon recommends one fast per week that does not exceed more than 24 hours.

There is no special Eat Stop Eat diet, only what Pilon calls the “golden guideline of eating” which is that you should eat less food while enjoying what you eat. He also recommended eating more fruits & vegetables and adding more herbs & spices to your meals.

The Eat Stop Eat program does require resistance training to help you lose body fat quickly while also increasing muscle mass. 


One of the benefits of intermittent fasting is that it is very flexible, which makes it easy to stick to. Because you aren’t going for days without eating, you never feel famished and over eat, but because it is so flexible you can easily change your 24-hour fast if something gets in the way. Just make sure that you start one day and end 24-hours later rather than going an entire day without eating.

Many of the claims made by Pilon have scientific evidence to back it up, so you can be sure that this is a safe and healthy way to burn fat.

The Eat Stop Eat program is easy to follow as there are no special recipes, diet restrictions or workout equipment required. 


The Eat Stop Eat program may not be right for those suffering from diabetes and cannot simply endure a 24-hour fast. This diet is not for anyone suffering from any other illnesses where your blood sugar levels spike.

Although Eat Stop Eat is not your typical weight loss program, Pilon does not offer a specific exercise plan to follow. He simply encourages resistance training as a way to help you build muscle while you burn fat. 

Does "Eat Stop Eat" Work?

Eat Stop Eat can work as long as you enjoy a mostly healthy diet during the days in which you are not fasting. Pilon explain that 2 fasting periods per week can result in a calorie reduction of 20%, which allows you to lose about 1 pound each week.

By encouraging a responsible and healthy diet, you can eliminate 500 calories from your diet each day, which allow you enough of a calorie deficit to drop 1 pound each week. However it is recommended that you begin with 1 fast per week until you’ve become accustomed to intermittent fasting. 

Where To Buy "Eat Stop Eat"?

Eat Stop Eat is available online in e-book form for $39.95, with the option of trying a trial membership that lasts for 3 days for $9.99. Upgrades are available with the Eat Stop Eat program, including a deluxe package that includes audio files, eating strategies and the Eat Stop Eat audio book for $67. 

With the full purchase of the e-book or the deluxe package, you will receive all updates and revisions to the original Eat Stop Eat program. Click on Eat Stop Eat to start losing weight today!