Dr. Phil’s The Ultimate Weight Solution Diet Review

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Dr. Phil McGraw takes an introspective approach to weight loss in his book The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. Use his 7 key points in order to change yourself from the inside out for ultimate weight loss success. Focus on attaining your “get real” weight which is a healthy, stable weight depending on your age and genetic makeup. Work through emotional and impulsive eating through cognitive behavior changes while focusing on consuming healthier foods and making exercise a priority.

How Do I Follow It?

Dr. Phil developed his 7 key steps in order to alter your physical, mental and emotional responses to food.

Step 1: Right Thinking

Step 2: Healing Feelings

Step 3: A No-Fail Environment

Step 4: Mastery over Food & Impulsive Eating

Step 5: High Response Cost, High Yield Foods

Step 6: Intentional Exercise

Step 7: Your Circle of Support


Steps 1 and 2 focus on identifying your problems with weight, emotional eating and ridding yourself of self-defeating thoughts. Steps 3 and 4 center on changing your environment by getting rid of bad foods, banning alcohol from your home, and avoiding binging and impulsive eating. Substitute your old habits with newer, better habits.

Step 5 discusses the types of food to eat and how to eat (eat slowly!). Eat foods that require an effort to make, cannot be ingested quickly and not convenience foods. Avoid processed foods along with foods high in sugar, fat and additives. Dr. Phil does promote formulated meal replacement beverages and bars as a substitute for meals and snacks.

Dr. Phil’s daily diet menus average 1,500 calories and consist of:

  • 3 palm-size servings of protein like lean meat or fish.
  • 2 servings of dairy, preferably nonfat.
  • 2 to 3 tennis ball size servings of carbohydrates such as whole grains.
  • 4 vegetable servings of ½ cup each. Pick colorful vegetables like red peppers and yellow squash.
  • 1 serving of fat such olive oil, ½ to 1 thumb’s length.

Dr. Phil’s offers over 100 recipes in his supplemental cookbook such as:

  • Southern Oven-Fried Chicken
  • Pot Roast Southern Style
  • Enchiladas with Barbecued Greens
  • Mushroom-Tomato Frittata
  • Banana Cream Pie

Step 6 discusses the importance of exercise to help in losing weight and keeping it off. Lastly, step 7 talks about how to build a strong support network. 


The book has a section titled “Hit List of Weight-Gaining Behaviors,” such as drinking 3 beers at a weekly happy hour can add 6 ½ pounds of fat over a year period. Plenty of case studies are in the book along with self tests and calorie charts. 


Some of Dr. Phil’s claims are not backed by scientific evidence and some of the study references do not come from peer reviewed journals or reliable current resources. The author lacks nutritional expertise to design a dietary program, thus his diet plan is deficient in several vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Phil did promote his own line of “Shape Up” supplements which have since been pulled due to a class action lawsuit.

Does "Dr. Phil’s The Ultimate Weight Solution Diet" Work?

Since behavior plays a huge part in losing weight, Dr. Phil’s behavioral modifications will help you to have better success at weight loss, but see a registered dietician for nutrition counseling.

Where To Buy "Dr. Phil’s The Ultimate Weight Solution Diet"?

You can get a copy of The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution by clicking --> HERE now. If you would like to get a copy of the cookbook that accompanies this book, click The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution Cookbook and order today!