Athletic Greens Review

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The idea behind Athletic Greens is that there are 3 things we all need in order to achieve optimum health.

Those three things are:

  1. Getting enough nutrients, in a timely fashion, each day so that your body is allowed to function properly and thrive.
  2. Make sure your body is capable of properly absorbing those needed nutrients.
  3. Stop consuming things that harm your health and your body.

The second part of this three-tiered formula for good health is, according to the makers of Athletic Greens, where many of us go wrong. Eating healthy will allow you to be healthier and more energetic, but only if you can absorb the nutrients in your diet.

Ineffective absorption of nutrients can have a detrimental effect on health, energy and performance.

Enter Athletic Greens to help you make sure you’re not only getting those nutrients, but absorbing them for optimum health and well being. 

How Do I Follow It?

Following an Athletic Greens regimen is easy because you just take one serving of 1 tablespoon each day with a glass of water. This daily regimen will give you more than 8 grams of nutrients from raw green super foods, in addition to as many as 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per tablespoon serving.

Athletic Greens comes in powder form so that you can better absorb the nutrients and get all the health benefits. The 76 all natural ingredients found in Athletic Greens is supposed to give you more energy, protect your immune system and improve your overall health.

Because it is made from all natural ingredients, you get the same health benefits as if you consumed a healthy, balanced diet. In fact you don’t even have to take additional supplements while on Athletic Greens; they simply recommend adding fish oil if you’re feeling especially stressed or under the weather. 


 Athletic Greens is suitable for just about everyone. If you’re a vegan or have food allergies like wheat, gluten, soy or eggs, you can still take this product every day. Although if you’re pregnant you need to consult your doctor to see if Athletic Greens can help you stay healthy.

Taking Athletic Greens can help you overcome any nutrient deficiencies you may have, which can improve your health and energy levels.

AG is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies require to maintain good health, which can help you eliminate a wealth of illnesses related to nutrient deficiencies. Because this product is certified organic, you know that it’s the safest way to get your vitamins. Plus there are no bright colors or artificial flavors added.

Best of all, it is easy to take and takes less than a minute. Simply mix the powder in a glass of water and drink up and you’ve got your nutrients for the day! 


The only real criticism about Athletic Greens is that it provides so many health benefits if taken daily, yet it has to be refrigerated and does not travel well. There is no indication on the label as to how long it can sit at room temperature so it may not be usable after a longer trips. 

Does "Athletic Greens" Work?

Athletic Greens will work to help you get your immune system in check and improve your energy levels, but alone it will not help you reach your weight loss goals. You will still need a calorie controlled diet and regular physical activity.

With your increased energy level you should have no problem getting regular exercise each day, which will help you burn enough calories for an energy deficit. 

Where To Buy "Athletic Greens"?

Athletic Greens can be purchased on the manufacturer website for just $77. If you think Athletic Greens is the product you need to feel better and give your weight loss a boost, click here --> Get Athletic Greens NOW