Alli Diet Pill Review

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Alli is an over the counter weight loss pill meant to help those struggling to lose weight. It is the non-prescription version of the weight loss drug Orlistat. If you are 18 years or older, you can take it to treat obesity.

Alli (xenical) help you lose weight by reducing the amount of fat being absorbed from food. The unabsorbed fat exits the body through bowel movements rather than being stored. The company that makes this supplement claims that the product works because it blocks “about 25%” of the fat in your foods from being absorbed.

Since your body is absorbing 25% less fat, the calories from that same 25% are not being used so you’ve consumed less calories. The theory behind this is that your body will “tap into” it’s unused energy resources and burn them—rather than store them—when you need them, resulting in weight loss.

How Do I Follow It?

It is recommended that while you take these pills, you should also be on a diet that is low in fat and calorie controlled. You should also get regular exercise and enjoy a fairly active lifestyle.

You should take 1 Alli capsule 3 times each day; one with each of your big meals. There is a stipulation however that your meal must contain about 15 grams of fat and it is recommended that you also take a multi-vitamin.

One of the major concerns with taking Alli is that it has been linked to many uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even dangerous side effects. Anyone considering taking this pill for weight loss should speak with a physician before beginning a daily regimen. Some side effects are merely inconvenient or embarrassing and many have been known to dissipate after several weeks on the regimen.

The most serious side effects however, are more severe and you can read about them, HERE!


  • The makers of this product encourage a healthy lifestyle that leads to weight loss.
  • The website provides significant details about obesity related illnesses.
  • This diet plan discourages skipping meals.


  • Alli can reduce the rate at which you absorb other fat soluble vitamins.
  • Too many inconvenient and dangerous side effects.
  • There are many populations advised against using this product.
  • You have to carefully monitor your fat intake on this program, which can be difficult for most dieters. 

Does "Alli Diet Pill" Work?

The real question you want answered is “does Alli work,” right? Simply put, yes it does work for weight loss.

The complicated answer however is that Alli is very likely NOT responsible for any weight loss experienced. Since you are encouraged to do the proper things required for weight loss like eating a diet that is low in calories and fat and getting regular physical activity, weight loss is bound to occur.

Creating a 3,500-calorie deficit and regular exercise should allow you to lose about 1 pound per week, the same amount the makers of this supplement claim you’ll lose by doing that and taking the pills. They say “if you could lose 10 pounds through dieting, you could lose 15 pounds with Alli,” but ‘dieting’ doesn’t have quite the same side effects.

Where To Buy "Alli Diet Pill"?

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