Top 10 Best Thigh Firming Exercises

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Thighs can be a problem area, for women especially. Like the abdomen, this is one of the last places that you would lose fat.


[Whether you want to run, play tennis or strut your stuff on the catwalk, thigh firming exercises can help!]

To learn the best firming thigh exercises, read on…

Many people have made their fortune selling thigh exercise and firming products. There are creams, machines, pills, and spandex. No doubt about it, thighs are a sensitive area that people looking to make money take advantage of.


When we think about thigh problems, inevitably we think about cellulite.

Don’t fall for any gimmicks. Cellulite is impossible to get rid of without getting rid of the fat. Cellulite is a very stubborn type of fat that takes a lot of determination and exercise to get rid of.

Trying to get rid of cellulite through another avenue other than diet and thigh exercise will only cost you a lot of money and heartache! An official medical study expresses why “treament remains elusive”. See the proof here.

But, your thighs aren’t impossible to tone! Let’s talk about a good thigh exercise to do that!

Our Top Thigh Exercise

Just like our glute exercises, much of your thighs are greatly worked through cardio as well as through strength training.

The best cardio thigh exercise is rollerbladding. A close second is running followed by cycling and stairs climbing.

For best results, do circuits of 2-3 minutes of intense cardio of your choice with a minute of each of the following toning thigh exercises.

Measure the circumference of your thighs now. Do this thigh exercise three times a week for four weeks and cut out 300 calories consumed each day and then measure your thighs again. See how many inches you lost.

If you are having a hard time cutting back the calories, check out our healthy snacks list that will help you choose wiser and less calorie-full snack.

Of course, you will probably gain a little muscle as well, but that’s okay because you will have that nice toned look!

Countdown of the Best Toning Thigh Exercise

#10. Sun Salutation- This yoga thigh exercise is actually a great all over body workout but after a few rounds you can really feel the workout in your thighs.

thigh exercise-sun salutation

#9. The Flamingo- Standing on one leg and touching the floor and coming back up again, always on one foot will really work that leg all over, not just the thigh!

The best thigh firming exercises work anytime, anyplace!

the flamingo-thigh exercise

#8. Scissor Kicks- This move works both legs inner and outer thighs all in one move!

scissor kicks- thigh exercise

#7. Lying Abduction/Adduction- Do this move on the floor on your side old school style. You might feel lazy but you will feel the burn in your thighs!

lying abduction- thigh exercise

#6. Leg Circles- Work those thighs at a 360 degree level!

leg circles- thigh exercise

#5. Plie Squats- The small difference in your foot stance and spinal alignment from a traditional squat will make you use a different part of the leg to complete this thigh exercise.

pliesquats- thigh exercise

#4. Step Ups- Doesn’t really matter what you step up on, the taller the better!

step up-thigh exercise

#3. Side Lunges- Go as deep as you can on these for best results.

side lunge-thigh exercise

#2. Squat- Hands down the best way to work your lower body in one shot.

squats-thigh exercise

Are you ready for the best firming thigh exercise?

Drum roll, please…

…and the #1 thigh exercise is…

#1. The Front Lunge- Best done plyometrically for cut, beautiful, slim thighs.

front lunge-thigh exercise

There you have it! 10 great thigh exercises that will tighten, tone, and slim your thighs. No more thunder thighs!

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  1. Some great exercise, my female clients love doing these exercises and definately see and feel the benefits!

  2. Great exercises! thanks for sharing

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    The nutrition video along with the exercises is very helpful for maximum weightloss. I used it and could feel the fatigue on my muscles. This website is very helpful to women especially.