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Size 0…is this really a size because I was under the impression that zero isn’t even technically a number. It’s so far from a number in fact that a Size 0 means your waist is about 23 inches–the same size as your 7-year old daughter’s waist. So, how is it that millions of silver screen starlets call zero a size yet the normal woman has to go into starvation mode to reach this coveted dress size?

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[She looks soooo healthy at a Size 0 they had to edit out her protruding bones!]

That answer is simple: no one outside of Hollywood believes that 0 is the size of a woman. Size 0 Labs however has created a “rapid weight loss” pill, aptly called, Size 0 Diet Pill.

Let’s find out if the Size 0 Diet can help you acheive a size 0 or if its another cheap promise to make a few bucks.

What Is Size 0?

Size 0 is a “scientific breakthrough” in weight loss. This ‘beauty & fat burning’ pill will allegedly help you lose weight while maintaining “shapely curves”. The Size Zero Diet consists of taking a daily regimen of pills–combined with regular diet & exercise–to help you lose weight and improve your “natural beauty”.

What Does The Size Zero Diet Pill DO?

Put simply, the Size Zero Diet Pill is a fat burning pill. Designed especially for women, the Size 0 Diet Pills feature a thermogenic formula that includes an estrogen support blend, beauty enhancement nutrients, and an appetite support blend to help you stop overeating. These pills are intended to speed up your metabolism while at the same time putting a stop to those pesky food cravings.

That’s what the Size Zero Diet Pill does, keep reading to find out HOW it does it. The clinical name for the Size Zero Diet Pill is Clenbuterol, which allegedly works by burning that unnecessary fat stored in the most unlikely of places. The fat is burned by increasing the body’s temperature (hot flashes to lose weight?), which increases the rate at which blood is pumping throughout the body…also known as your blood pressure (RED FLAG). This process is supposed to help suppress your appetite, which is how you’ll lose weight.

Size 0 Diet pill box_Size Zero Diet

[This sleek Size Zero Diet Pill is all you have to do--plus a balanced diet & exercise--to get skinny! True or False?]

How Much Does The Size Zero Diet Cost?

The cost of the Size Zero Diet pill varies by seller, but on average a bottle of 100 pills costs anywhere from $35.00 up to $49.95.

What Is The Size Zero Diet Pill Regimen?

If you decide that the Size Zero Diet is for you, you will have to take 1-2 pills at least 2 times a day but no more than 3 times daily. Each dose should be taken with 16 ounces of water, a half-hour before meal time. It is recommended that when the Size Zero Diet begins, you start with 1 pill twice a day until you determine how the pills affect you.

Size Zero Diet Pill Side Effects

Like most fat burning pills on the market, the Size Zero Diet does include a few side effects. Because of the increased heart rate associated with Clenbuterol, anxiety, strokes, heart attacks and panic attacks are associated with this product. Other side effects you could experience on the Size Zero Diet pills include; insomnia, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, tumors, loss of consciousness, behavioral shfits or tingling sensations. Stop taking and talk with your doctor if (or when) you experience these symptoms.

Size 0 Diet ingredients_Size Zero Diet

[When this is what passed for a list of ingredients, your spidey senses should tell you to STAY AWAY!!!]

You should not take this pill if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, liver or kidney disease, renal disease, anxiety or depression it is also recommended that you stay away from the Size Zero Diet pill.

You may experience severe symptoms if you take the Size Zero Diet pill with any other supplements that contain caffeine, or any other sources of caffeine. Drug and alcohol use is forbidden with this product. If you engage in intense physicial activities in very warm weather, the makers of the Size Zero Diet pill warn against beginning a diet regimen with this product.


The ingredients in the Size Zero Diet pill are those commonly found in many fat burning pills. Green tea extract, Hoodi Gordonii, and taurine are all in this pill, but not in dosages that would aid weight loss. Collagen in this pill allegedly reduces body fat, along with choline, but no scientific studies have proven this. The weight loss complex has 785mg per 2 pills, which at 26 ingredients, is about 30mg of each ingredient–not enough to cause significant weight loss.

Should You Try The Size Zero Diet?

The easy answer is NO, you should not try the Size Zero Diet pill. Many of the ingredients included in these pills have very limited weight loss benefits. If you’re already enjoying regular cardio and strength training exercises, you can burn more fat and tone this way. By adding a balanced diet that is high in fiber and lean proteins, you’ll experience more weight loss than by popping a few pills.

The size Zero Diet pill plays on the worst insecurites of women by offering a completely unrealistic solution. Since the Size Zero Diet pill recommends that you use the pills in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise, you may as well SCRAP THE PILLS and focus on doing the (proven) things effectively, ya know, diet & exercise.

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None of the ingredients found in the Size Zero Diet pill are dangerous even though there are tons of them.


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