What Are The Side Effects Of Relacore?

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Before you decide that Relacore is THE weight loss aid for you, read some interesting information we found about possible side effects. Although the makers of Relacore claim their ‘all natural’ drug has no side effects, many users have taken to the web to prove them wrong!

Cigarettes are safe_Relacore Side Effects[When there's money to be made, people will say ANYTHING. Exhibit #1A]

The main goal of the supplement Relacore is to decrease the levels of cortisol in the body they believe is responsible for adding “stress related” belly fat. Check with your regular physician before you begin a regimen of Relacore due to an unusually high cortisol release, because it may be a sign that you’re suffering from something more serious than belly fat. High levels of cortisol could mean you have Cushing’s Syndrome.

Understanding Cortisol

The key to understanding possible Relacore side effects is understanding cortisol. Simply put cortisol is a hormone secreted when our bodies are feeling the physical symptoms of stress. Cortisol alone however, is not making you overweight as Relacore claims: your response to stress (i.e. overeating or emotional eating), is why you need to lose weight.

Relacore Ingredients

Relacore is a blend of vitamins and herbs that, more than anything else, acts as a stress reducer. The ingredients in Relacore are purported to be all natural, however there is no way to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in each tablet, just that there are 265 mg combined. Although Relacore acknowledges no adverse side effects from their product, many users have begun sharing their Relacore side effects with the world.

relacore-ingredients_Relacore+side+effects[Relacore labels give no hint of possible side effects, relying on it's "all-natural" marketing to indicate no side effects.]

The main ingredients in Relacore include magnolia (bark), passion flower, niacinamide, panax ginseng, and pinella. Each of these ingredients has what is called ‘antidepressant properties,’ meaning they help problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Just like many supplements intended to improve mood or burn fat, the devil is in the details that we aren’t privvy to!

Relacore Side Effects

Weight Gainis one of the most widely given Relacore side effects, but this probably has a lot to do with Relacore’s claims that stress is responsible for belly fat. Many takers of Relacore probably have not changed their eating habits, particularly when stressed, or added more physical exercise to their weekly regimen. Despite this, weight gain is a pretty serious Relacore side effect, especially when it should have the exact opposite effect.

Heart palpitations are not an uncommon side effect of Relacore, as reported by Relacore users on the internet. Again despite the lack of “adverse effects” reported by Relacore many users have experienced mild to severe heart palpitations after beginning a Relacore regimen. These heart palpitations are very likely caused by too much Magnolia (bark) and/or Panax ginseng, which helps Relacore give you that much needed energy boost.

Nausea is another Relacore side effect reported by current and former Relacore users. Nausea is most likely caused by ingesting unfamiliar herbs, or an exceptionally strong dosage. Allergies may also be responsible, which is why you should talk with your physician before taking Relacore.

Blood Pressure Problems have been commonly reported, which is to be expected with products targeting the overweight population. The problems Relacore users report however includes blood pressure readings that are too high and too low. Fluctuating blood pressure readings can be a serious indication of larger health problems, not to mention that high or low blood pressure can be dangerous.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle has been reported by women taking Relacore. Women have reported that Relacore side effects include severe cramping where none existed before, irregular periods, heavy flows, and extended bleeding.

Other side effects of Relacore that have been reported include insomnia, drowsiness & dizziness, headaches or migraines, and even acne. However, due to Relacore’s refusal to acknowledge any possibly negative side effects of their product, only anecdotal evidence is available. The only information available about any side effects of Relacore have come from former users, but since the company inaccurately markets itself as a weight loss supplement when it really is an over the counter mood enhancer I’d say it’s safe to assume they’re well aware of the reported Relacore side effects.

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