Relacore Belly Fat Pill Review

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The most problematic area of the body for dieters is the midsection. The belly seems to retain fat like nobody’s business and it is usually the last place to get back to normal after a weight loss regimen. Relacore is a “belly fat” pill that claims to help eliminate that unsightly belly bulge caused by stress.

Relacore pill bottle_Relacore Review[If you believe the claims, this little bottle will solve all of your belly fat problems.]

Let’s take a look at some of the claims made by Relacore and see how they stack up to actual weight loss facts.

The Claim

The major area of focus for Relacore is that stress is a main factor in one’s inability to lose fat from the stomach area. Relacore claims that stress is why the midsection isn’t shrinking despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. The major selling point made by Relacore is that the pill is not a “diet pill” per se, but the pill controls stress and anxiety related to dieting.

The problem with this claim is that it takes the responsibility for weight gain OUT of the hands of the dieter, and if it’s not your fault that you’ve gained weight then maybe you’re just one of those people meant to be fat…right? Wrong, and that is just one of the problems with Relacore’s claims.

stressed+presidents+before+and+after_Relacore+Review[No one is more stressed than leaders of a nation, and by Relacore's logic both of these guys should've finished their terms morbidly obese instead of slim and grey!]

Yes cortisol (the main stress hormone in the body) can contribute to weight gain when the body is stressed, but it would take Presidential level stress for cortisol to make you overweight on its own. The truth is that stress is just one factor related to weight gain. If you are creating the proper calorie deficit for weight loss AND getting regular aerobic and resistance exercise then you will lose weight–stressed or not.

The Good

The claims made about Relacore are intriguing to anyone who believes (mistakenly or otherwise) they have a muffin top, but a closer inspection reveals there are very few things ‘good’ about this product. A bottle of Relacore is readily available to anyone with access to the internet for just $29.99. Like most diet supplements, Relacore does offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results within the first 30 days.

Some Relacore users have reported satisfaction with the product as a mood enhancer or regulator, but those same customers have yet to see any reduction in “belly fat” as promised.

The Bad

You should know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated the claims made by Relacore for accuracy. This doesn’t change whether or not Relacore works, I just thought it was important that you know these claims are unsupported. In addition, the Relacore website does not offer a list of ingredients in these pills yet it claims to be “all natural”.

relacore-ingredients_Relacore+review[You shouldn't have to purchase Relacore just to find out what's in it!]

What relacore doesn’t address is HOW stress leads to weight gain. When people are stressed they turn to what comforts them–usually food or alcohol–which is a recipe for weight gain. Stress alone is not responsible for weight gain, your response to stress is more likely the culprit.

Weight gain is most often caused by two factors: excessive calorie intake and a sedentary lifestyle, which the makers of Relacore appear reluctant to address. The main claim is simply that fat loss can be achieved by combining Relacore with a healthy diet and exercise, which at best is an oversimplification of how weight loss works. At worst, it leads millions of people to believe that their weight gain has nothing to do with their actions, perpetuating the stereotype that people have “fat genes.”


Relacore is not recommended by The Fat Loss Authority as an effective means of weight loss. Without an accurate list of ingredients, none of the claims made by the company can be verified. It could be free of stimulants and made with all natural ingredients, but where’s the proof? And if it is ‘all natural’ why isn’t it safe for pregnant women? These inconsistent claims make me uncomfortable endorsing this product to anyone. In addition, without a list of ingredients in Relacore it is virtually impossible to determine how your body will react.

Furthermore countless studies indicate that cortisol release DECREASES with weight loss, suggesting that the so-called stress causing belly fat occurs because the excess fat is stressing the body…not the other way around. The best method of weight loss and stress reduction is a healthy diet (say it with me, “caloric deficit!”) and regular aerobic and strength training exercises.

Besides, working out is a great way to reduce stress! And even if you don’t like to exercise, that’s fine, even an extra 30-60min a day going for a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood will help. Do as little or as much as you can to move your body more, it doesn’t have to be in a gym or doing pushups.  Just anymore movement will help.

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