Do You Need A Personal Trainer For Weight Loss?

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Personal trainers are all the rage with celebrities, millionaires, aspiring models & actresses everywhere, but could a personal trainer help you pursue your weight loss goals?

Personal trainers help you exercise, making sure you focus on performing each exercise correctly for maximum effectiveness. They help keep you motivated–sometimes by questionable methods–and they get you in the habit of working out on a regular basis.

male celebs getting fit_personal trainers for weight loss[Even the hottest bods forego a trainer and enjoy some good old-fashioned exercise!]

If you’ve ever considered getting on the personal trainer bandwagon to help you get more productive workouts, make sure you’ve considered all the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Pros:

#1 You Learn How to Exercise

I know it seems silly, but you’d be surprised to learn how many people hit the gym each day and do almost nothing to build muscle or burn fat because they aren’t exercising properly. In addition to minimal fat burning and muscle building, performing exercises incorrectly can lead to pulled muscles, strained joints, and other painful injuries.

gunnar peterson with nick cannon_personal trainers for weight loss[Celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson helps Nick Cannon get the guns he wants without the injury!]

Aside from injuries that will delay your weight loss, do you really want to spend 5 hours each week exercising without results? Personal trainers teach you to focus on breathing and maintaining the integrity of each movement throughout your exercise routine, which will increase the results of your workout. What’s the point of working out if you aren’t getting what you want?

#2 New Workout Methods

Another advantage of using a professional personal trainer to help you shed the pounds is that you get to learn other ways to exercise. If you’re strictly a cardio & strength guy, your personal trainer may introduce you to the benefits of yoga or pilates on muscle building or fat burning. Ladies that hate to sweat may stumble upon a personal trainer who helps her learn to love plyometric exercises for weight loss.

The point is we tend to have a pretty black and white notion of our exercise routines and a personal trainer may widen your horizons in that sense. A boring workout that consists of stretching, cardio, and strength, while effective, will have you avoiding the gym in less than a month.

#3 Motivation

Personal trainers provide their customers with tons of motivation to keep them pumped up throughout each workout. While I don’t always agree with the methods of motivation, it is a valuable tool for weight loss. When your thighs start to burn after 45 minutes on the treadmill, your first instinct is to stop and reach for hydration. By hiring a professional trainer you will be motivated to push through the pain for optimum results.

drill seargent motivating_personal trainers for weight loss[An effective personal trainer knows how to motivate each client personally. Stay away from drill sergeant types who berate as motivation.]

Different trainers motivate in different ways so you should make sure you find a trainer that knows how to motivate you.

Personal Trainer Cons:

#1 Personal Trainers Cost MONEY

Sure, the old adage says you get what you pay for, but that’s not always the case with personal trainers. With an incredibly high turnover rate of about 90%, you want to make sure you’re paying for an experienced trainer with a record of success. Starting from $1,000 each month, hiring a personal trainer could become an expense that affects other parts of your weight loss program.

The best way to see if hiring a personal trainer is worth the cost? Take advantage of the complimentary session or sessions offered when you join a new gym. If you like the experience of working with a trained fitness professional, then you’ll have to decide if its an expense you can afford. If you already belong to a gym, talk to them about personal trainers and find out how involved they will be in your effort to lose weight. That should help you determine if they are worth the big bucks.

#2 To Much Emphasis On Exercise  Misses The Point For Weight Loss

We all know that exercise important for better body function, muscle tone and slowing down the aging process, but it isn’t even close to best way to lose weight. Personal trainers will do their best to work your body into the best possible shape, but you won’t see results if you head home and eat twice the calories burned during your workout.

K Fed_personal trainers for weight loss[The right personal trainer can help you lose weight; the wrong personal trainer can motivate you to find a weight loss program that works for YOU!]

The job of a personal trainer is to help you exercise and improve your fitness level. They can personalize exercise regiments for your particular weight loss goals, but it’s not in their job description (or training) to make sure you focus on every aspect of weight loss. What good is a personal trainer for weight loss if they aren’t focusing on ways to actually help you lose the weight?

As we’ve discussed before, the reason many people who exercise regularly are unable to lose weight is because they go home after a workout and overeat. Unfortunately this weight loss problem is beyond the scope of most personal trainers’ (professional) knowledge.

#3 Comfort Level

It’s difficult when you’re already uncomfortable with your body to have another person–someone you know almost nothing about–judging and criticizing your body. Because most gyms prohibit freelance personal trainers you have to hope like hell that they have at least one trainer you can work well with, or you’ll have to fork out more money for a private personal trainer.

This probably just sounds whiny, but given the cost of a personal trainer and the mission, it’s important you find someone with whom you can work well with. If you hate your personal trainer or you don’t look forward to your sessions, how long before you start to blow them off altogether? You have to feel comfortable with your trainer or your relationship will not be successful. And for what a personal trainer costs, don’t you think you should be able to choose one you don’t hate?

Before you decide if hiring a personal trainer is something you could benefit from, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of your weight loss goals. Do you want to reach a certain weight or drop a pants/dress size? Do you want to learn how to workout more effectively or just improve your general fitness? These factors will help you determine what kind of weight loss professional you require.

madonna with trainer_personal trainers for weight loss[Madonna's arms and all-around awesome physique is due to her incredible relationship with her personal trainer.]

When you meet a personal trainer, be sure to ask these questions before making any decisions;

  • May I have a list of references?
  • Where did you receive your training & certification?
  • What is your weight loss philosophy?
  • How much is a session? How are payments accepted and when?

These questions will help you determine how well you’ll fit with a trainer, and if a personal trainer is something you want or need in the first place.

Personal trainers do provide a valuable service, depending on what your goals are. If you need a two-pronged weight loss program that focuses on diet and exercise, a personal trainer can only help you with half of your goal and on you’re on your own for figuring out a way to eat for weight loss.

If you think a personal trainer may be right for you but you just can’t afford it, look at our review of the Turbulence Training program. Craig Ballantyne’s program is cheaper than a personal trainer and provides just as much guidance!