How To Make Your Own Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes are everywhere – the gym juice bar, shopping malls, and even local supermarkets. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about drive-thru establishments that offer protein drinks like coffee shops. Seriously, has anyone heard of one yet?

However, a high-quality protein drink that is homemade and nutritious is little harder to find. Most protein drinks today are cheap sugar cocktails with protein sources that raise a spokian eyebrow. Throw in some outlandish claims and I wouldn’t be surprised if it flew off the shelf at every GNC store from here to Hong Kong.

Make Your Own Protein Drink[Doesn't get anymore organic then this, does it? Milk mustache ads, mooove over:)]

In today’s post I’d like to share with you a strategy to build your very own protein drink that is simple, economic, and healthy all in the same gulp. Four principles that will guide our protein drink are:

1. Go organic as much as possible;

2. Include plenty of healthy fats rather than cheap sugar substitutes to help control insulin and provide more satiety;

3. Be ‘raw’;

4. It must taste good!

So here’s a recipe complete with ingredients that will take less than two minutes to make and keep us full for 2-3 hours.

By the way, I crunched some numbers against an off-the-shelf meal replacement product and found out it was 30% cheaper and contains almost 80% less ingredients. When there’s ingredients I can’t pronounce, I get paranoid.

And last but not least, it taste like a million bucks – which means it tastes grrreat!

Ladies and gentlemen – start… your… engines… Sorry, I mean get your blender or magic bullet out and mix the following:

1. One heaping scoop (20-30 grams) of your favorite protein powder

I’ve used a lot of different protein powders out there and I plan to write a dedicated article about this in the near future. For now, stick with what you have – which is hopefully an egg-white or high-quality whey protein with minimal ingredients, no additional carbs and sugars:)

2. One raw egg (cage-free)

Do not worry about cholesterol or getting food poisoning – Rocky sure didn’t:) Seriously though, these claims of food poisoning are greatly exaggerated in the media. You need the high-quality protein and fats found in the egg. Most people try to go low-fat when making a protein shake. This is a mistake, as fats are crucial to the digestion of protein.

As for contamination, here’s a quick test you can do: Roll the egg on the counter. If it wobbles, you are safe to consume it. Fitness author and expert Jon Benson was the first to tell me about this neat little trick but look it up for yourself if you’re still skeptical. NOTE: This is really the secret to a great tasting protein shake.

3. Raw almonds

I cannot say enough good things about almonds. Besides tasting great, they are loaded with essential fats and healthy fiber. Take 20 almonds and move on to the next step.

4. Frozen berries (raspberries mixed with blueberries)

Yes, we all know fresh is better than frozen but frozen makes the shake more frothy – remember, taste is an important element to our shake. You can buy organic berries and freeze them in containers. There is practically nothing lost in the process. Grab a handful and keep going.

5. Pumpkin seeds

A very-healthy addition to our recipe that packs a great punch of fiber. Half a handful is plenty for these fine seeds.

6. Use 1 to 1.5 cups of water

I prefer to use only 1 cup of water as I like a thicker shake.

7. One cup of ice

Blame it my preference for thickness and texture. This could very well be adjusted or cut-out if you like a more ‘liquidy-type’ of protein drink.

8. One Stevia packet

If you’ve never heard of Stevia it’s an herbal sweetener that doesn’t cause an insulin spike like typical processed or artificial sugar. I use one packet to make my shake a little sweeter for that damn sweet tooth of mine:)

And Voila – you now have a mostly raw, protein-rich, healthy fat and carb friendly protein drink that will fill you up for hours. Not too mention it tastes fantastic and contains more raw nutrition then people get in a whole day.

Want more? You can find 15 other shake recipes and over 40 pages of recipes in Jon Benson’s newest book – The Every Other Day Diet – see our book review for complete details. I’ve never seen this many fat burning meals that make my mouth water yet trim my waistline at the same time.

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  1. Rahim Samuel says:

    I’ve been making fruit smoothies and vegetable blends since last summer. They’re not quite on the protein shake level but how could I forget almonds?! You just gave me an idea for my blend tomorrow and I wanna thank you for it.

    Rahim Samuel

  2. George says:

    I never thought about pumpkin seeds and almonds, nice additions. Thanks for the recipe.

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  5. In case you are simply using protein shakes to supplement your eating habits, you will be fine. There have been some studies that show drinking a protein shake before training can actually help muscle repair to a greater extent.