How To Lose 5 Pounds in 7 Days

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When it comes to quick weight loss most dieters resort to fad diets that help you lose enough weight for your big event, only to return within a week. That’s because quick weight loss isn’t meant to help with long-term weight loss plan.

shed the weight_lose 5 pounds in 7 days[Keep reading for ways you can shed those last 5 pounds THIS WEEK!]

There are, however, solutions to your weight loss woes when you need to drop 5 pounds–quickly! We’ve come up with a few easy and healthy ways that you can shed 5 pounds in a week. Keep reading to get started on your fat loss goals.

1–Don’t Drink Your Calories

You already know that water is incredibly good for you. It’s has no calories and unlike many other zero-calorie foods, water has no additives or chemicals…. I consider that a big plus. Energy drinks, soda, juice and other popular drinks do nothing to satisfy your thirst or hunger yet they add empty calories.

drink-water_Lose+5+Pounds+in+7+Days[Water--the only weight loss supplement guaranteed to work!]

Replace all of your beverages with water for the next 7 days and see the results for yourself. When you cut out drinks filled with sugar you can quench your thirst without affecting your weight loss efforts.  And the increase hydration will make your body and mind function better to put you mentally in a better place to stick with your goals.

2–Hardcore Cardio

Losing 5 pounds in 7 days without starving yourself requires regular cardio exercise. The best option for fast fat loss is to choose a cardio routine that requires use of multiple muscles at the same time. This way you’re working several muscle groups at once and those muscles will keep working long after your workout is over.

So what kind of hardcore cardio would one need to shed 5 pounds in 7 days? Well boot camp workouts are an exciting and effective way to work multiple muscles. Spinning classes or cardio kickboxing are also very effective exercises for quick weight loss. Doing 30 minutes of any of these exercises will burn anywhere from 200 to 300 calories! In addition to that, you’ll be toning your arms, legs, core, and butt.

Sixty minutes of ‘hardcore’ cardio every day for the next 7 days will help you lose those pesky 5 pounds keeping you out of your favorite jeans or dress. Get more out of your cardio routine by incorporating circuit training into your workout. Short bursts of cardio combined with slower activity without a break in between gives your exercise routine maximum effectiveness.

Keep in mind that increased physical activity means you will almost certainly be hungry after an intense round of cardio. Do not eat to satisfy that hunger if your goal is weight loss. Refer to #1 for solutions to your post-workout hunger, and stick to water dense foods like  fruits and vegetables.

I find a nicefruit smoothie really quenches my post workout hunger, and if I use water for the mixer my calories are kept to a minimum but the volume of the drink can be huge to fill your stomach!

3–No Refined Grains

Ok so I said ‘no fad diets’ but here we are talking about eliminating foods. Getting rid of refined grains for the next 7 days (or altogether if you’re serious about fat loss) will help you lose 5 pounds easily. Why? According to Dr. Jana Klauer, simple carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, and bread impede weight loss because they are digested quickly, leaving you feeling hungry and more likely to OVEREAT!

Drop those last 5 pounds standing between you and happiness by replacing refined grains with vegetables for the next week. In fact, replace all grains with vegetables for the next week for successful fat loss. Complex carbs like vegetables are packed with water that helps you shed your water weight. In addition complex carbs from water get digested slower so that you feel satisfied much longer. The longer your belly feels satisfied, the less likely you are to overeat later.

4–Get More Sleep

Over the next 7 days make a plan to get an additional 30 minutes of sleep. Most of us don’t need an excuse to get more rest, yet most people don’t get enough sleep each night. Getting more rest will leave you feeling well-rested and better prepared to make smart decisions.

get+more+sleep+garfield_Lose+5+Pounds+in+7+Days[An extra 30 minutes of sleep will help you in your battle against fat.]

Getting less than 8 hours of sleep will leave you feeling lethargic and unwilling to put forth the effort required to workout regularly. What’s worse is that when you feel sleep-deprived you’re more likely to look to sugar and caffeine for quick bursts of energy throughout the day. A 2006 study found that getting more sleep could be one part of the solution to the problem of obesity.

An extra 30 minutes of sleep combined with a healthy breakfast will get your day off to the right start, making sure you make healthier decisions regarding your health and weight loss.

Not to mention, the more you sleep, the less time you have for eating.  I know it sounds trivial, but if you are following these rules and eliminating another hour or two from your snacking schedule, that’s a plus in your favor.

5–Eat Less

Sure this is a no-brainer in terms of quick weight loss, but what you may not know is that there are options available to you if your biggest problem is overeating. Decreasing your caloric intake is the only way to ensure that you lose weight. Some call it a ‘calorie deficit’, but whatever you call it, call it effective.

Losing 5 pounds in 7 days requires that you eat less than you have been eating. If you’re a person who has issues with controlling the size of your food portions, start with eating your meals on a smaller plate. It’s not scientifically proven but it is effective for short-term weight loss. When you have eyes bigger than your stomach sometimes all it takes fooling your eyes into seeing more food than is actually available.

eat+less_Lose+5+Pounds+in+7+Days[Eating less food this week will help you achieve that short-term weight loss goal!]

Fasting is another viable option for quick weight loss. A 24-hour fast at some point in the next 7 days, or a 12-hour fast the day before a big event will force your body to do a little more work, but it will help you control your appetite in a safe way. Don’t confuse fasting with outright starving yourself for the next week–it is nowhere near being the same thing. Starving yourself will make you tired, hungry, cranky and susceptible to binge eating.

Besides, a 24-hour fast will allow your body to take a break from the busy work of digestion, to do some body maintenance that includes allowing your liver to clean your blood and keep the rest of you healthy so you look as good as you feel.

Fasting will help you learn the difference between wanting food and being hungry–an important factor in losing weight in the short or long-term.

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You can lose 5 pounds in 7 days by doing any or all of the things we’ve just talked about. Getting more sleep, drinking more water, and regular exercise are great ways to lose weight in a week or over the course of a year! Stay consistent but don’t deprive yourself of a treat now and again.

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