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So, my friend Todd is one of those people, you know those lucky souls that can eat just about ANYTHING and still never put on a single ounce, and I used to hate him for it. But that’s before I learned to make my own body burn a few more calories.

Tom Cruise & Jennifer Lopez dancing_burn more calories
[Not moving around enough each day? Get up and shake your booty to burn some extra calories.]

Before you go getting all skeptical on me, you really can do something to make your body burn more calories. The only thing required is a little bit of information!

The Basics

Your body does a lot of work just to keep you going, and even more work to do things like exercise and build muscle. Burning calories gives your body energy in different ways.

Your basal metabolic rate burns calories (energy) all day long. Whether you’re asleep or just sitting down watching tv, you are burning calories. Good news, right?

Next is the calories you burn doing things like exercising, cleaning the house, or even shopping. This is the second most common way most people burn calories.

Finally there’s a little thing called dietary thermogenesis which burns calories by eating. Each activity involved in eating–chewing, digesting, absorbing, and converting–works to help you burn off those pesky calories without doing much.

Now you probably want to know what you can do to light a fire under your metabolic rate.

Burn Baby Burn!

The world in which we live is filled with nonstop distractions from cell phones to cable television to the internet. Although our lives have become much easier, our bodies have paid the heaviest price. Regardless of your weight loss goal, we’ve got a few tips to help you burn more calories throughout your day.


It’s the obvious answer, but something we all need to hear anyway. MOVE AROUND! Most of us burn about 30% of our calories by moving around…literally. Unfortunately, you desk jockeys, internet addicts, and freelancers the world over move far less than they should, meaning you probably only burn about 15% of your calories from being active.

When I say move, I don’t necessarily mean get up and go run a marathon. It means do something, anything, to burn a few additional calories each day. Consider using the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to get lunch rather than drive, or annoy your office mates by tapping your pen endlessly. Make an effort to move a bit more each day and you’ll burn more calories!


How many times have your physically superior friends said to you, “muscle burns more calories than fat”? Well as much as you’d love to punch your friend right in the face, they are correct. Muscle burns slightly more each day than fat, so increasing muscle mass is a great way to kick 50 extra calories to the curb every day!

The best way to build muscle is to add strength or resistance training to your regular workout schedule. Just a half hour, 3 days a week of lifting weights and you could lose an additional 350 calories a week. Imagine what you could be wearing by summer!

baby lifting weights_burn more calories[Gaining muscle will this fella burn that baby fat in no time, imagine what weights could do for YOU!]


As important as strength training is to making your body burn more calories each day, so too is cardio or aerobic exercise. Not only does aerobic exercise keep you heart healthy, it can also make you burn calories even hours after you’ve finished your workout.

jane fonda aerobics_burn more calories[Remember when aerobics was cool? Well, what's cooler than Jane Fonda and leg warmers?!?]

The great thing about aerobic exercise is that you can pick your poison. Take a long (but intense) walk, go bicycling on your favorite trail (or bike to work if possible), or hit the pool for 30 minutes of laps. A run or a healthy jog up to 4 days a week will give you the calorie-burning edge.


Before you make a beeline for that cold pizza, remember that calories still matter. Make your body burn more calories by eating less food, but eating it more frequently.  This just allows you to stay full and moving, but you have to be very careful with this method, because remember that the key is to be sure you are still eating less.

Eating more times each day simply requires you to perform a few additional tasks, including making healthy meals, and all the work of eating and processing those meals. Just make sure you stick to meals that will help keep you satisfied and full (vegetables, fruits, and other foods dense with water and fiber), not fatty sugary foods that give you a high dose of calories without any volume to tell your stomach you’ve had enough.   If you choose to have junk food for your extra meals, take a look at the nutritional data before you open wide.

These small steps will not only make your body burn more calories, but it’ll make you feel better about yourself. When you feel as though you’ve reached that dreaded plateau point, turn to these tricks to give your fat burning a boost!  And if you are still not losing weight, that means you still have to cut down your calories. I know its a dreaded truth the diet industry doesn’t want you to realize but if you want results the simple answer is always: Eat Less. Move More.

Simple equation but always difficult to execute.  Good luck!!

Get more information on burning fat for weight loss by reading our review of the Fat Burning Furnace. Here’s a hint: movement helps the BURN!


  1. i find ur website very informative and gives readers some good a 40 year old struggling with weight loss i found ur website to be very useful.

  2. Your fried Todd is too lucky. I wish I was like him. I am a foodie and you know I don’t eat much but still gaining weight. Don’t ask me to do some excersie, I am very lazy. Feel jealous of people who can eat just anything without gaining weight or any health problems. I think I can try these steps to cut off some fat. The idea of shaking body to reduce calorie is a great idea.

  3. Sofia V says:

    I’ve always wondered the importance of muscles (kinda stupid, I know, but I’ve never bothered about weight loss until lately) to burning calories, and it’s really interesting to know that muscle mass burns more calories. I’ve been exercising to zumba music for some time now, and I can see amazing the results burning 500 calories per hour, but after reading this I’m convinced to go ahead with my plan of incorporating my dance exercises with a bit of weight lifting. I also love your mention of dietary thermogenesis. Interesting. Wonderful article!