Does Vodka Make You Fat?

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Take a look at just about any diet advice on the planet and severely limiting if not eliminating alcohol altogether is part of the path to success. This is why so many people (mistakenly) believe that alcohol makes you fat.

vodka+cocktails_does+vodka+make+you+fat[Keep reading to find out if your favorite vodka cocktail is making you fat!]

The truth is that most people want to know if their favorite spirit will make them gain weight, so today we’re answering the question, does vodka make you fat? Keep reading to find out if the distilled stuff is causing your scale to show the same number over and over.

Booze & Weight Gain

One reason so many people believe that alcohol in general and specifically vodka makes you fat is because of the indulgent behavior that is a result of drinking. If you closely examine the rationale for why vodka makes you fat, very little has to do with what’s wrong with vodka.

To prove my point, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that vodka allegedly makes you fat.


Calories are the biggest culprit for many who suggest that vodka can cause weight gain. One jigger (1.5 ounces) of vodka has just 97 calories, which probably doesn’t seem like much, until you start adding sugary mixers packed with even more calories. Unless you plan to do a shot of vodka here and there, the calories into much vodka can begin to add up quickly.

Alcohol Content


Calorie Count (per jigger)

40% 80 103
45% 90 110
50% 100 124

Another factor here is the alcohol content of vodka. Alcohol content just tells you how what portion of vodka is alcohol. As you can see, the higher the alcohol content the more calories you consume per serving. 80 proof vodka is 40% alcohol, while 100 proof is 50% alcohol. This translates to more calories when consumed in excess.


Yep, deny it all you want but very rarely does a few vodka & tonics stay just vodka & tonics. Alcohol often accompanies a sugary brownie here, or a handful of salty pretzels there, or any number of snacks that add even more calories to your day.

Don’t get caught off-guard by not having the facts. Find out of these will make you fat;

Booze Cuts the Line

When people ask me does vodka make you fat, this is what I tell them; vodka on its own does not cause weight gain, but excess vodka consumption combined with high calorie fatty foods can.


Well put simply booze cuts in front of other nutrients to be burned, including and especially fat. When you drink a shot of vodka, your body breaks it into fat and acetate. The fat, unfortunately, immediately gets stored while your body uses the acetate for energy. So rather than burning fat, protein and carbs alcohol jumps the line and slows down your fat burning process.

This is how vodka can make you fat.

vodka+varieties_does+vodka+make+you+fat[Regardless of what your brand is, the label lets you know important information about calorie count and alcohol content.]

Cutting Out Vodka?

After learning this, many people do conclude that vodka does make you fat. That’s too bad really because the one caveat is that too much alcohol is what makes you fat. A few double vodka cocktails mixed with syrup, liqueur or sugary juice and your calorie count from drinking can exceed your food calories!

If you enjoy a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits & vegetables and lean proteins and you get regular physical activity then you can worry less about whether your cocktail of vodka will make you fat.

Avoid high calorie and fatty foods in general, but especially when you’re drinking, and you can keep your body burning fat. The key to enjoying vodka without sacrificing weight loss is to limit your calories in each cocktail and avoid excessive drinking.

When you consume too much vodka, the alcohol jumps ahead of the fat waiting to be burned.

So moderate consumption of alcohol does not make you fat, but excessive drinking and a poor diet does make you fat.

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