Does Brown Sugar Make You Fat?

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Sugar often gets a bad reputation among dieters for contributing to weight gain but so many people want to know if sugar really makes you fat. Is sugar inherently bad or is it the quantity of sugar we consume that causes our midsections to expand?

does+brown+sugar+make+you+fat_brown+sugar+cookies{Brown sugar is used in many baked goods like cookies, giving it a bad reputation!}

That is the key question we should be asking, rather than does brown sugar make you fat, because as with most things in weight loss, it’s all about moderation!

Keep reading to find out if brown sugar makes you fat.

Brown Sugar Nutrition Facts

Before we can answer the question, does brown sugar make you fat, we need to find out about brown sugar nutrition facts. These facts will give you insight into why (or why not) brown sugar may contribute to weight gain.

One teaspoon of brown sugar has just 11 calories per (unpacked) teaspoon, so it can’t be the calorie count making you gain weight from brown sugar. Brown sugar also has no fat, cholesterol or sodium, which are traditionally the nutrition facts you want to keep to a minimum.

As a carbohydrate, brown sugar has 3 grams of crabs and 3 grams of sugar, which is insignificant considering its such a small portion of your recommended daily value.

With no vitamins or minerals added to your body by consuming brown sugar, you can begin to see why people want to know does brown sugar make you fat.

Brown Sugar & Weight Gain

So if brown sugar has minimal calories and no fat, how does brown sugar make you fat?

Well the answer lies in what nutrients brown sugar doesn’t have rather than what it does. In our discussion about starch we talked about how foods with a higher sugar count than fiber count are “bad starches”.

Because brown sugar has 3 grams of sugar and no fiber, it is considered a bad starch. Brown sugar can make you fat because it is easy to break down and you get 11 calories per teaspoon while providing you no nutritional value.

So foods with a lot of brown sugar can definitely contribute to weight gain.

Eliminate Sugar?

One thing that many dieters attempt to do is completely cut brown sugar as well as other sugars completely out of their diets. This is admirable, but hardly doable considering most foods have some form of sugar in them.

The most common use of brown sugar is in baking, which is why so many people wonder, does brown sugar make you fat. It’s not so much the brown sugar as it is the chocolate chips, eggs, flour and butter that gets mixed in with the brown sugar that makes you fat.

Limiting Sugar Intake

The best way to avoid brown sugar making you fat is to limit the amount of  unnatural sugar you consume. Unnatural sugars include soda, candy, cakes and fruit-flavored drinks. Artificial sweeteners top the list of unnatural sugars and have even been linked to weight gain, while natural sugars can be found in fruits and vegetables.

But how much brown sugar is considered a ‘limited amount’?

does+brown+sugar+make+you+fat_brown+sugar+nutrition+facts{Keeping your sugar intake to a minimum will keep weight gain away!}

According to the American Heart Association, you should consume less than half of your discretionary calories each day from sugar, including brown sugar. For men this means that no more than 150 calories each day should come from brown sugar and 100 calories for women.

If you’re worried that brown sugar will make you fat follow these guidelines and get the majority of your sugars from natural sources.

Successful weight loss already requires that you cut out high calorie foods that provide very little nutritional value, many of which contain unnecessary amounts of sugar. Use brown sugar sparingly and only as needed and you’ll know the answer to the question does brown sugar make you fat.

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