6 Weight Loss Tips for Women

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Losing weight can be a real pain in the butt if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is especially true if you keep doing the same things to lose weight and find the number on the scale steadily increasing. You know that you need to eat less and exercise more, but it just seems more complicated than that, right? Well we’ve compiled six things women can do to aid weight loss.

Kelly+Osbourne+weight+loss_Weight+Loss+Tips+for+Women-1[Smaller portions, patience, lots of dancing and Kelly Osbourne went from pre-hypertension to healthy & fit!]

Keep reading to find out what you need to do to keep burning fat in the new year!

Weight Loss Tip # 6 – Take A Walk

When the weather is nice, skip that long trip to your car in favor a walk to your favorite lunch spot. Choose to walk when it’s an option and burn a few additional calories when you can. Walking is great cardio, especially if you’re just getting back to a regular exercise routine. Walking is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put too much pressure on the knees, and it can be done anytime, anyplace!

If your biggest problem is that you don’t make time for exercise, use every opportunity you can to walk a bit. Take the stairs instead of waiting in line for the elevator, or park far away from the door so you’re guaranteed to get a long walk each day. Find time for three 10-minute walks each day and you’ve completed 30 minutes of cardio!

Weight Loss Tip #5 – Eat More

I know this sounds weird, but the female notion of dieting is to simply eliminate a bunch of food and hope like hell the pounds fall off. A more effective weight loss tool is to add more food to your diet. For every cookie and cake that you eliminate from your diet, you should be adding low-calorie and low-fat food options. Now that you’ve decided to stop eating potato chips, you can add other healthy snacks to your diet. Cucumbers, carrots, and peppers work beautifully to scoop up a delicious dip and they have fewer calories!

When you decide to eliminate “bad” sugars from your diet, add in several “good” sugars. Life may seem dreary without ice cream and cheesecake, but it gets just a little brighter with cherries, strawberries, and watermelon from which to choose! This notion of depriving ourselves is actually helping keep the weight on. Stop depriving yourself and learn to love healthier options that are equally delicious.

Weight Loss Tip #4 – Drink More Water

When it comes to weight loss, water is the closest thing to magic you’ll find. Drinking a glass of water before your meal will allow you to eat moderate portions because you won’t feel quite so starved when you sit down to eat. Water allows you a zero-calorie way to fill your belly so you don’t jam it full with food!

Water also helps keep you hydrated through a workout, so you can workout longer and get more desirable results. Adding more water to your diet also keeps your muscles working properly and reduces your chances of getting muscle cramps. The best reason of all to drink more water? Unlike soda, alcohol, and juice water has no calories so you get hydrated without wasting calories–a precious commodity to anyone attempting to lose weight!

Weight Loss Tip #3 – Look at Portion Sizes

Most women I know are calorie hawks–they look at the nutritional panel of every item before it gets a coveted spot in the shopping cart. As diligent as these females are about calories, they aren’t quite as diligent about portion sizes. Looking at the side panel is a great idea, they store lots of important information there, which doesn’t matter if you don’t read the information properly.

funyuns+calorie+info_Weight+Loss+Tips+for+Women.gif[Looks good so far, only 140 calories right? A closer inspection reveals that eating this tiny little bag will cost you 980 calories!]

Portion sizes have gotten enormous, but rather than question it we just gobble it up and ask questions only after the pounds have been packed on. So many snacks and treats appear low in calories and fat, until you realize that your tiny single-serving snack is actually 3 or more servings! Help your weight loss by keeping your portions small. Don’t make plates overloaded with food or serve meat larger than a deck of playing cards. Keep your portions small until you can stop eating when you feel satisfied…not FULL!

Next time you’re having lunch with the girls, split a meal with someone to make sure you both eat the right amount for weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Use Your Table

In our modern society, everyone is always on the go. Most meals are eaten in the car or in front of the television or computer, which undoubtedly lead to eating more since the food isn’t your main priority. Make your meals a priority if you’re committed to weight loss. When the lunch bell sounds, grab your brown bag and head to a table.

Sitting upright allows better digestion so you’re more aware of when you feel satiated. And focusing on your plate will make sure you eat what you need, rather than eating until you can see the bottom of the plate. When we eat at the dinner table without distractions like the television or phone, we talk between bites and become conscious of the act of eating.

Eating at the table will help you control portion sizes as well, as you learn how much food your body actually requires. When you learn to make smaller portions, it’ll be safer to eat dinner while you watch Law & Order!

Weight Loss Tip #1 – BE Patient

This is probably one of the most important aspects of weight loss. Women are under more pressure than men to look a certain way, and they tend to have less patience to wait for the results. Being impatient with your weight loss will only discourage you, and force you back into your old ways in no time.

pasta+portions_Weight+Loss+Tips+for+Women[Weight loss requires lifestyle changes like viewing this plate as a normal dinner serving.]

Losing weight successfully requires a complete lifestyle change for most people, which is a long-term goal. Proper weight loss should be no more than 2 pounds per week, so if you have more than 10 pounds to shed it’s going to take some time. Avoid the temptation to overexert yourself during workouts or starvation because they will only lead to weight gain and possible injury.

Stay away from fad diets and pills, because they prey on your desire to lose weight NOW. Unfortunately NOW isn’t an option, since you didn’t gain that weight overnight.

Women are under more pressure than ever to be thin and sexy, but that can only be achieved with a healthy diet, proper exercise and tons of patience. But if you’re really looking for a weight loss edge, read our review of Eat Stop Eat and find out how you can control your food cravings.


  1. Mandi Bagley says:

    Great blog! Drinking water really does help a TON!!! Its always helped me lose twice the weight when drinking enough!

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  2. Bryan says:

    Patience indeed has a lot of privileges. Being patient when losing weight is a must, nothing is achieved in an instant except for instant noodles ~_~. Thanks!

  3. Kari says:

    Eating a table is a huge tip! We often eat in front of the TV, and I sometimes find myself eating through a whole show (or two). But on Saturday mornings (the one time we eat at a table for breakfast) I find that I eat less than I normally would.