6 Weight Loss Foods For Energy

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The secret is out: food can be your best weight loss ally. Whether you need to burn fat, relax or simply energize your body, food can help. The more you know about food, the more you can use it to fight the battle of the bulge!


{When you need an energy boost fast, consider these weight loss foods for energy!}

There are plenty of good weight loss foods out there and some of them also help boost your energy levels. Keep reading for good weight loss foods that boost your energy.

Why Energy Foods?

Energy is essential to every day life. It’s how we cook a meal, send an e-mail or smile at a cutie at the bar. To keep energized throughout these busy days, we need weight loss foods that also act as energy boosters. Good weight loss foods that give you energy help keep you productive all day long, while also giving you enough extra energy for some physical activity after a long day.

Energy is necessary and food is our energy; this is the #1 reason severe calorie restrictions make for very difficult—and interesting—diets.


There are 3 awesome things that you must commit to memory about nuts.

  • The protein and fat helps satisfy hunger
  • Nuts help boost the libido (yes, that libido!)
  • Nuts give you energy!

Nuts are packed with tons of good stuff like calcium, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc just to name a few. Practically a multi-vitamin unto themselves, nuts are good weight loss foods that will boost your energy levels without boosting calorie and fat count.

The good fats in nuts help make you feel good and the protein makes you feel satisfied and gives you energy that won’t cause sluggishness later in the day like too much caffeine or sugar. Eat a few handfuls of raw nuts each day for more energy and tons of nutrients.

Almonds rank highest, but pick your favorite and nosh away.


Seriously, is there anything salmon isn’t good for? As a great source of protein, salmon is already a food weight loss food, but add in its energy boosting components and there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep salmon off your dinner table.


{Combining weight loss foods for energy like salmon & grapefruit is an easy energy boost.}

The best thing about salmon is that you can eat it in a variety of ways. Grab a filet and grill it, have an  Alaskan Roll or simply enjoy smoked salmon and eggs for breakfast. With so many ways to boost your energy levels, salmon is a super weight loss food for more energy.


It’s no secret that grapefruit is a good weight loss food for energy, mostly because women all over the world break them out to signify to the world, I’m on a diet! But there’s a reason to their grapefruit madness as it turns out. Grapefruits are good weight loss foods because of the fiber pectin and its status as fat burning food.

Grapefruits are good weight loss foods because they give you energy and digesting them requires you to use more calories than a grapefruit has…and that is why calorie deficits work for weight loss!

Whole Grain Bagels

When you need a boost to get you going in the morning, reach for a whole grain bagel instead of a white bread bagel. Whole grain bagels are good weight loss foods because they are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which help weight loss because they take more energy to break down.

Spread your whole wheat bagel with fruit preserves to make sure you observe a conservative calorie count each day.


When you need a sweet snack without the energy crash, reach for a cute little apricot. Apricots give you energy, and unlike candy they also give you nutrients. Apricots are good weight loss foods because they have fiber in them, making them a great weight loss food for energy. Apricots contain lycopene and vitamin B, long thought as an aphrodisiac in addition to an energy booster…actually now it makes sense why it’s an aphrodisiac!


Carrots are good weight loss foods because their bright orange color helps ward off several types of cancer. But carrots are also great energy boosters because they are digested quickly into your bloodstream giving you an instant burst of energy!

Carrots, in my opinion, are one of the best weight loss foods that give you energy because you can throw a dozen or so in a bag and snack on them as you need energy throughout the day. Get a bag of baby carrots and you’ve got cute little energy boosters to last all day.

Successful weight loss requires you to think carefully about the food you put in your shopping cart and your plate. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are great for weight loss, but they also help boost your energy, fight cancers and fight germs.

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