5 Tips For Healthy Muffin Recipes

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Very few breakfast pastries are more delicious—not to mention high in calories—than muffins. Whether topped with sugar, oats or nuts, starting your day with a muffin isn’t an ideal way to lose weight.

assorted muffins_fat busting healthy muffin recipes{You can have (most of) these with a few strategic changes!}

But if you love muffins, and who doesn’t, then you’re in need of healthy muffin recipes that help rather than harm your weight loss efforts. Keep reading for tips for making healthy muffin recipes you and your body can enjoy!

Size Matters

You’ve heard this time and again, but very few things are as important as portion size when you’re eating for weight loss. Muffins aren’t inherently bad for you; eating a muffin the size of your head is when the real weight loss problems begin.

Making healthy muffin recipes means making difficult choices like 6 jumbo muffins, 12 large muffins or 18 mini-muffins. Your first instinct may be the large muffins, but even a large muffin is 200 calories per serving, which would be fine if 1 four ounce muffin wasn’t 2 servings!

Make the most of your healthy muffin recipes by keeping them mini-size!

Choose Your Flour Wisely

When you make the decision to make healthy muffin recipes at home, the type of flour you use will also help determine how healthy the recipe truly is. For a healthy muffin recipe that will satisfy your hunger without overindulgence, choose whole wheat flour; it’s whole grain and packed with fiber so you’re less likely to eat to 3 or 4 muffins at a time!

Other types of flour you can use for healthy muffin recipes include rye, almond and buckwheat flour. While some of these flours may increase the calorie count of your healthy muffin recipes slightly, they also increase your fiber and protein intake, which spells weight loss success.

Sweeten Your Muffins

One of the most problematic aspects of creating healthy muffin recipes is finding a way to make them taste like muffins without adding hundreds of calories in sugar. Healthy muffin recipes get creative with sweeteners by using something other than granulated white sugar.

Brown sugar and honey are both lower in calories than traditional white sugar, while keeping your healthy muffin recipes sweet and delicious! A great way of adding sugar and moisture to your healthy muffin recipes without boosting calorie count is to use pureed or crushed fruit. Crushed pineapples work well to sweeten muffins without changing the flavor profile. Sweetened applesauce is also another creative way to sweeten your recipe in a healthy way.

sweeten your muffins_fat busting healthy muffin recipes{Yes, there are things other than sugar and Splenda to sweeten your muffins!}

Sweeten Your Muffins – Part II

Counting calories for fat loss means you need to be creative when executing healthy muffin recipes. Whether you’re trying to lighten up an existing recipe or creating a new one, look to herbs and spices to enhance flavor without enhancing calories.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice are just 3 spices that come to mind when you want a sweet but healthy muffin recipe without all the sugar.

If sweet muffins aren’t your thing, consider using low-calorie flavor enhancers like olive oil, rosemary or thyme. Black pepper and garlic also pack lots of flavor without a lot of additional calories added to each bite. Citrus zest (orange, lemon or lime) adds tons of flavor and healthy oils without lots of calories.

Top With Care

The point of making fat-busting healthy muffin recipes is to keep the calories low and satisfy your hunger while providing you with some nutrients. To do this, we need to keep the muffin toppings to a minimum.

While it is nice to have muffins topped with sugar, honey glaze, dehydrated fruit and a myriad nuts, these toppings serve but one purpose; increasing the number of calories in your muffin. Choose one topping or mix-in for your healthy muffin recipes, like raisins or almonds, to make sure your recipe is as healthy as it can be.

Getting creative with your healthy muffin recipes will keep you excited and motivated about losing weight, without having full-blown cheat days. Get more information on how to break your bad eating habits and ways to avoid nutrition mistakes by reading our review of Isobel De Los Rios’ The Diet Solution Program.