5 Exercises For Inner Thighs

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The inner thighs are known to be a problem area for both men and women, although for different reasons. Regardless of why you don’t like having extra fat cells on your thighs, the question is what are you gonna do about it?


[Yeah so you need to lose a little thigh fat, whatcha gonna do about it? Huh?]

Doing specific exercises for inner thighs to reduce fat is a pipe dream, pardon my frankness. There are however exercises and activities you can do that use the inner thigh muscles.

Fat Reduction

You can’t talk about exercises for inner thighs without discussing reducing your overall fat intake. A gram of fat has 9 calories versus 4 for proteins and carbs. Reduce how many fatty foods and drinks you consume each day to help rid your thighs of extra fat.

Pay close attention to how many of your daily calories are coming from fat to get maximum effectiveness out of your exercises for inner thighs. If more than 20-30% of your daily calories come from fat, overall fat loss will be harder than it has to.

Strength Training Exercises for Inner Thighs

Strength training is essential for fat loss in problem areas like the thighs. Resistance exercises aren’t necessarily exercises for inner thighs, but—there’s usually a but—the more you build your thigh muscles the more you increase your resting metabolic rate. When this happens you burn calories even at rest, and a few of those have to come from the inner thighs…don’t they?

Strength training exercises for inner thighs include leg presses and leg extensions for those of you who love the smell of a weight room. Squats and lunges are also suitable exercises for inner thighs. Feel free to add dumbbells to squats or lunges for an effective fat burning workout.

Scissor Kicks

Toning muscles is just as important as fat burning exercises for inner thighs. Whether your goal is to shed fat or tighten up scissor kicks are an effective exercise for inner thighs that work the lower abdominals as an added bonus.

scissor kick_exercises for inner thighs

[Scissor kicks are great exercises for inner thighs as well as lower abdominals. A two-fer!]

Perform scissor kicks by lying flat on your back with your feel flat on the ground. Place your hands underneath your butt and stretch your legs in front of you leaving them 4-6 inches from the ground. Keeping your lower abdominal and inner thigh muscles tightened, cross legs back and forth in a scissor-like motion for 8 seconds. Repeat 6-8 repetitions per set.

Inner Thigh Squeeze

None of the other exercises for inner thighs makes you aware of how much (or how little) strength you have in your inner thighs. The inner thigh squeeze sounds like a boxing move but this is a simple and effective way to work thigh muscles.

Grab any size exercise ball that feels comfortable and hold it between your thighs while lying flat on the floor with legs in the air. Squeeze the ball tight enough so it doesn’t fall, but not with all of your strength. Slowly squeeze the ball using your inner thigh muscles, placing your hands on the floor for support if needed.

Squat Lifts

Squats are one of the most effective exercises for inner thighs, and variations like squat lifts add extra intensity. Squat lifts can be done without resistance bands, however resistance bands make this exercise more effective.


[Squat lifts are easy exercises for inner thighs that you can do whenever the mood strikes!]

In addition to improving stability and balance, squat lifts work several muscle groups in addition to the inner thighs.

With resistance band: Place one end of band around a sturdy object and the other end around your ankle leaving loosely tense. Step out into a squat and use the leg not attached to resistance band to push up and bring your resistance band-attached foot out and to the front using inner thigh muscles. Repeat up to 16 repetitions per set.

Without resistance band: Standing with legs slightly apart (use ankle weights if you have’em) and arms at your side step out with your right leg into a squat and push off using your left leg to bring your right leg across and to the front. Repeat up to 16 reps.


Skating is one of the most fun exercises for inner thighs, and you can do it any time of year! Whether you prefer old-fashioned roller skating, in-line skating (requires a lot of inner thigh strength) or even ice skating, they all ask a lot of the inner thighs.

Keep in mind that these exercises for inner thighs should be incorporated into a regular exercise regimen for maximum effectiveness. Spot reduction isn’t really going to help reduce inner thigh fat, but exercises targeting inner thighs will work those muscles effectively.

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