Can You Lose Weight On 1,800 Calories?

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When it comes to dieting and healthy eating, our eyes are often much bigger than our stomachs. Gigantic portions have convinced us that ‘healthy eating’ is tantamount to starvation and put us at a disadvantage when it comes to reducing body weight.


[Watermelon is light on calories but this is too much food for one little guy!]

The good news is that an 1,800 calorie diet will help you lose weight and leave your tummy feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Keep reading to find out how an 1,800 calorie diet can help you do things fad diets never have.

Why 1,800 Calories?

The simple answer is that an 1,800 calorie diet gives you plenty of energy to make it through your busy days, while also allowing enough of a calorie deficit so you can lose weight. Regardless of your current weight or goal weight, an active adult can lose weight or successfully maintain their current weight on an 1,800 calorie diet. There is one exception to this 1,800 calorie diet rule, however. Shorter individuals that lead relatively inactive lives will need to consistently eat less than 1,800 calories each day to experience weight loss and keep it off. I know, I know; this seems like a torturous way to lose weight but it isn’t.

Our obsession with super-sized this and Double XL that has made us believe than an 1,800 calorie diet will lead to sunken eyes and loose skin, but 1,800 calories is plenty for active adults eating for sustenance rather than sport! The biggest weight loss bonus of all is that 1,800 calories has thismuch room for snacking, so you’ll have to be very creative to cheat!

An 1,800 Calorie Day

The best way to make an 1,800 calorie diet work for weight loss is to eat 3 well-balanced meals every day. Every meal does not need to contain meat, just be aware of other sources of protein so you get enough each day. An 1,800 calorie diet means each meal should be no more than 500 calories per meal—this gives you room for 300 calories in snacks. Looking for easy recipes under 500 calories? Click HERE! 400 calorie dinners can be found here.


[Steak & potatoes is still an option on 1,800 long as you control your portions!]

The beauty of an 1,800 calorie diet is that when you do have cheat days, you can make up for it any way you choose. Splurged on lunch with the girls? No problem, have a light salad for dinner. Had a great day of healthy eating and need a reward? Feel free to have a tasty but calorie conscious dessert!

Calorie Counter

Ok so, no one wants to become that person. We’ve all seen them, stopping in the middle of every single aisle to check the nutritional label. It’s annoying and they happen to be in your way, thank you very much, but those annoying people have the right idea. The only way to take charge of your weight loss efforts and stick to an 1,800 calorie diet is to know how many calories are in your foods! Your weight loss depends on you making an appropriate serving size for your meals. Controlling portions is key to consuming 1,800 calories each day, If you’re ever curious how many calories are in your favorite foods, check out TFLA’s calorie section! We’re adding new foods every day and we’d love your input!

Losing Weight on an 1,800 Calorie Diet

Losing weight on 1,800 calories doesn’t mean you’re starving. In fact, it probably means you’re well fed rather than overfed with plenty of energy to put in a full day of work and get a regular workout. Which brings me to part two of losing weight on an 1,800 calorie diet: EXERCISE. Without regular exercise—regular meaning 3 days at the absolute minimum—you will still lose weight, but it will take a lot longer.

Minimal exercise is ok on an 1,800 calorie diet if you’re just trying to maintain, but significant weight loss requires regular cardio and strength training. Maybe you’d enjoy interval training more or sports as your exercise, it doesn’t matter honestly, as long as you exercise. Obviously if you want bigger muscles or more defined muscles you’ll focus more on your exercise regimen. However if weight loss is your goal for choosing an 1,800 calorie diet, then choose physical activities that you can perform and that provide at least some enjoyment.

You don’t have to love working out to have successful weight loss…but it’d sure help if ya did! Looking for a fat burning program that you and your spouse can do together? Read our Fat Burning Furnace review. Rob and his wife shed the weight by focusing on two important factors: diet & exercise…and look at them now!